New Mothers Need To Know – All About Baby Crawling

New Mothers Need To Know - All About Baby Crawling

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There will be many “milestone” moments when a baby is growing. Like rolling over, sitting up by themselves, grasping the first toy, the first time swimming, etc. Normally, a baby will start rolling over at 2 months, then his/she will try to crawl. Baby crawling is one of the most important parts of a baby’s growth and development.  

In today’s post, will explain all information about baby creeping that a new mother needs to know, and help them to learn how to help their babies to crawl.

1. The Benefits Of Crawling

1.1 Good For Brain Development

The process of crawling can exercise both halves of a baby’s brain. The left brain is the conscious brain which represents the intellectual. The right brain is the subconscious brain which represents the emotional. Crawling can promote the brain to grow together.

Good brain development also can help babies to be calmer and have better sleep.

1.2 Good For Physical Growth

Learning to crawl is important for limb development. After improving limb strength, babies can start to learn to stand or walk. Human life is a continuous learning process step by step. All these things are prepared for further education of babies.

1.3 Set Up Self-Confidence

Babies can feel free while crawling and set up self-confidence. Parents need to know how important to establish confidence for babies. It is one of the important keys to success.

2. How To Help Babies Learn To Crawl?

2.1 Use Toys To Attract Babies

How to motivate babies to crawl? Parents can consider using some toys to attract babies. Babies are like adults, they also need a little encouragement and strength to drive them forward.

2.2 Crawl With Babies

No matter how busy parents are, they should spare some time to accompany their babies. It is meant to accompany babies to crawl. On the one hand, the company of parents can bring a sense of security to babies. On the other hand, it is also a good way to boost happiness for babies while crawling.

Besides, babies may not know how to crawl for the first time. At this time, parents need to set an example for babies to imitate and follow. All learning begins with imitation. Parents also can protect their babies from injury while crawling.

3. Baby Clothes That Are Suitable for Crawling Recommendations


This sleep sack has a wide range of sizes for different aged babies from 3 months to 24 months.  And its hemline is adjustable, the long sleeves are removable. Babies’ arms and feet both can peek out from the sleep sack. Then they can crawl or move more freely. 1.0 TOG lightweight design makes babies wear comfortably. They won’t have the bound feeling.

The two-way zipper is convenient for taking on and off. Parents can change diapers for babies easier and quicker.


Sleeveless and legs-free are designed for greater freedom of movement for babies. They can crawl, stand, walk, etc. with the feeling of restraint.

There are three snaps on the bottom, parents can open or close them easily.

About this sleeveless romper, a selling point that must be mentioned is the fabric selection. Kaiya Angel always chooses green, environmental fabric for the production of baby clothing. These rompers are made of bamboo fiber. A highly breathable, stretchy fabric that is suitable for babies’ sensitive skin. It also plays a vital role in sustainable development. After all, a good environment is necessary and essential for a baby to grow healthy.

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