Asheghar Digimentors launches the Digital Mastery Challenge

Asheghar Digimentors’ 100 days of Digital Mastery Challenge is a great initiative for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, part-time job seekers, professionals, self-employers, freelancers, and students during this pandemic situation. The program offers an entirely free webinar for 100 days that includes 100 business ideas, 100 strategies, 100 tools, and most importantly, it trains people with methodologies to earn $100 per day.

Here is a chance for an exclusive interview session with none other than but the man behind this program’s success: Mr. M.P. Shanavas, Co-founder and CEO of Asheghar Digimentors. Mr. Shan has over 20 years of experience and expertise in the digital world of marketing and business ideas and has generated a turnover of $30 million with his various businesses. His approximate earning per year is around $1,500,000, and he makes about $4,100 per day.

Q. Congratulations on your phenomenal success on your completion of the 100 Days Digital Mastery Challenge. We are amazed to learn about such a unique initiative and successfully complete the 100 days without interruptions. So, without further ado, let us hear more about the Digital Mastery Challenge from the CEO himself. So tell us about what triggered you to come up with such a unique initiative?

A. The Digital Mastery Challenge is all about becoming a successful Digital Entrepreneur. Ever since I started my own business around 20 years ago, people have come and asked me how they can start an e-commerce company or how they can start an online business. These people look for more information and more strategies. I have been conducting workshops in different parts of the world like Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and many more. In all these workshops, I felt that many people had to travel thousands of miles from one place to another and spend a weekend to attend these workshops, and I have also noticed that many people are very eager to look for the information. Due to the pandemic, everyone wants to go digital, and they are now looking for more digital opportunities, which is one of our reasons for such an initiative. At the same time, right before the pandemic, I and His Excellency, H.E. SHEIKH JASSIM BIN MOHAMED AL THANI, actually announced the Digital Mastery around February 2020. We even had a press conference and did the Digital Mastery introductory event on the 29th of February which was great and we used Artificial Intelligence and modern technology to present the idea. We explained the upcoming project and displayed our Online Shopping Mall and various other ideas at the event. Unfortunately, we could not continue the plan immediately after the pandemic. So many of the previous workshop participants and other new people came out asking about the same. Everyone thinks it’s straightforward to start, but they do not understand the technology behind the strategies and other resources required or the 25 steps of creating an e-Commerce business. People are not aware of it. It’s not about starting, it’s about succeeding and becoming a champion, and that’s why it’s called the Digital Mastery Challenge, which the Digital Business Championship follows. It’s a challenge because in 100 days you go through the process, implement the strategies and run a successful business.

Q. Why is it called “100 days of Digital Mastery Challenge”?

A. As you can see, the name includes “100”, it was a program that was for 100 days with 100 business ideas, 100 strategies, 100 tools, and each session for 100 minutes. Most importantly, it indicates a solution to the question, “how do you make $100 per day?” online business. That is why it’s called 100 days of Digital Mastery Challenge.

Q. What were the main topics you covered in 100 days of Digital Mastery Challenge Program?

A. As I said, there were various topics along with 100 strategies and 100 tools, but the most important ones were Affiliate Mastery, E-commerce Mastery, YouTube Mastery, Drop Service Mastery, Business Plans, Identifying investors, MAC, & Blockchain.

Q. In this pandemic situation, how was the whole experience of this big event as we have seen you doing the webinar every day from your home and the world was entirely under lockdown. So how was it even possible? Any secrets?

A. Basically, it was collective teamwork and even though I was doing the presentation alone and also the masterclasses, my team has joined me on every step of the process like research and putting those contents in one presentation, proper webinar setup, and all other promotional activities too. Few of my colleagues deserve special credits like Eva, Labeeba, Tahir, Haritha, Thannia, Ahlina, and Ashif.

Q. Which part of the process did you find the most difficult?

A. We announced 100 days and 100 business models, and each session for 100 minutes. Hence, in my opinion, the most difficult part was structuring the program and giving the best content so that everyone present in the webinar can thoroughly understand and learn irrespective of their previous knowledge. Some are just graduates and on the other hand, some are already done with some specific courses. So it becomes complicated to make them understand and, most importantly, implement those strategies to help them make $100 per day. As you can see now, putting my two decades of knowledge in one presentation, completely on an online platform, and making them understand was really the tough part of this job.

Q. Which topics got a great response from the people? Would you like to share with us some ideas and strategies which people appreciated the most?

A. Everyone had their own choices and opinions. The best topic that everyone liked and got many responses was our 25 Digital Strategies on Online Shopping Mall. The other one that got very much appreciation was the YouTube Mastery. Some of their favorites also included the Affiliate Mastery. Some people really liked the idea of the YouTube Capturevidz program as it is unique and new. In terms of business model, the most powerful was the Ecommerce-Done-For-You for Online Shopping Mall as many people came forward to start right away. Finally, the most innovative and the one people really liked to look forward to was Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Q. So we heard that the Digital Mastery Challenge also includes a Bootcamp and a Championship. We would love to know more about it.

A. The Digital Digital Business Championship Bootcamp is mainly for training people to set up a business, which was done in two levels simultaneously. 

ADM Digital Business Championship Bootcamp included 100 minutes of Step-by-step training per day explaining in detail the strategies of building an online digital business, 1 hour of 1-on-1 Mentoring and support, Consulting sessions for 1 hour, everyday practical training, and many more services accomplished with Bootcamp Tickets. A buddy mentor is also provided to every participant joining the program to cater to individual attention. We make sure to evaluate them at the end of the sessions. The Bootcamp intended to refresh the concepts introduced in the 100 days to better prepare for the Championship. If we see everything is set up and in place, you are good to go for the 30 days program, our ADM Digital Business Championship where they implement all these strategies and make at least $100 per day.

We have different levels of Championship challenges like $100 per day, $300 per day, $500 per day, $1000 per day and gradually increase according to the person’s earnings.

Q. How far is the preparation for the Championship? What do you expect out of this Championship?

A. The championship preparation is going well and we are super excited as our own projects like Online Shopping Mall, Blockchain project, YouTube project, and AOBB bundles are getting launched soon. The participants are working hard to set up their social media, businesses, and everything. So I think every one is getting well prepared to build their business by putting all the strategies together.

We want all our championship participants to succeed, and we are closely working with them for the same. We are confident that so many business models are launching now, and everyone has early-bird benefits. So we are looking forward to succeeding in the Digital Business Championship and as soon as our Championship ends, the Digital Mastery Challenge 2022 will begin.

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