Moksha Necklace Introduces Beam: A Revolutionary Deep Breathing Tool for Anxiety

A unique deep breathing tool & app for anxiety and panic attack management, this science-backed tool helps users control their respiration rates during stressful times.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 – Moksha Necklace, a company founded by Jaymin Shah and Yash Ghanekar in March 2021, has released a deep breathing tool and anxiety necklace that allows anxiety sufferers to access immediate support during a panic attack or during periods of high stress. Scientifically proven to balance energy levels and slow down respiration rates, the tool called Beam was created to help people stop their anxiety in its tracks before it becomes a deeper issue.

Moksha Necklace’s founders understand how debilitating and powerless someone can feel during a panic attack.

Jaymin Shah, a former Goldman Sachs employee and Finance and Economics graduate from The University of Texas, is no stranger to dealing with anxiety. The same applies for co-founder Yash Ghanekar, who previously founded the software company, Mumble. Both entrepreneurs saw a gap in the anxiety market for a tool that would adequately control their stress response during a panic attack. Therefore, they set about creating their own.

Deep breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing, has been scientifically proven to initiate an individual’s relaxation response. Developed in 1970 by Dr. Herbert Benson at the Harvard Medical School, this technique teaches individuals how to engage the diaphragm’s full range of motion and therefore, limit shallow breathing (a “fight or flight” side effect that many experience during a panic attack).

Practicing this relaxation technique during an anxious period benefits an individual by lowering stress levels, regulating the autonomic nervous system, and decreasing heart rate. Drawing on these findings, Moksha Necklace created a medically-backed device that features a two-flow airway system. Users simply wear the tool around their neck, similar to that of a necklace, and breathe into it when they notice those initial signs of anxiety or stress.

The device’s small opening and unique airway system provides the ideal amount of resistance upon exhalation. This resistance level keeps a user distracted from their thoughts and focused on the act of deep breathing. Alongside this anxiety tool, the company has developed an app that users can access which offers a library of breathing exercises and data-driven user insights.

For more information on the Beam deep breathing tool, visit the company’s website at

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