Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Determined To Educate American Public On The Best Protocol Following A Personal Injury Accident

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Determined To Educate American Public On The Best Protocol Following A Personal Injury Accident
Joshua Schiffer from ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC, explains the importance of educating the general public, on the best protocol to follow after a personal injury accident.

A Personal Injury accident has the capacity to transform your life in a split second, which is why personal injury attorney Joshua Schiffer is on a personal mission to educate the general public. Joshua is a partner in ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC and is passionate about ensuring that his clients get the justice and the financial compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, a simple sentence or statement uttered to the wrong person can undermine a case even when that person is still in a state of shock following the incident. 

Joshua discussed this specific issue during an interview with Case Engine, a specialist digital marketing company, who were conducting a series of interviews with Personal Injury Lawyers up and down the country. It was immediately apparent that this was a subject that Joshua cared passionately about, and which fuels his burning desire to educate as many people as possible. 

Joshua said, “The frustrating thing is that in my opinion Americans are trained to do the right thing; if you are a person and there’s a legal issue, that is a conflict or threat to your wellbeing, the two rules are shut up and call a lawyer, not just in criminal, but in civil, everything you say can and will be used against you. A good way to think about this is what does a guilty person say? I’m innocent. So you can’t even say you’re innocent. Any little thing that you say, even with the best of intentions, is what paves the road to hell. The insistence on people misstating the truth or redacting, correcting, or amending the truth. It’s how they rip you apart. That is why I am so passionate about teaching people what to say, or perhaps more importantly, what not to say, to ensure they get the justice they deserve. I will continue to try and educate as many people as possible, as this is one of the driving forces why I entered law in the first place.” 

ChancoSchiffer is a locally owned and operated law firm located in Roswell, GA. Their record-setting team is unlike any other. Their superior experience, qualifications, and education deliver unparalleled legal advocacy for a myriad of criminal defense, personal injury, and civil rights violations matters.

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Case Engine is a specialist digital marketing company based in Denver, Colorado. The company consists of some of the leading marketing brains in the industry, all of whom have a proven track record of delivering results for their clients. With excellent customer service, technical knowledge and experience, and determination to succeed, Case Engine consistently delivers results for its clients.

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