Sebic New City Gravel With Bafang Speed & Torque Integrated Sensor

Recently, the engineer of Funncycle developed a city gravel ebike, city and gravel ebike, which is suitable for city roads and gravel ground. And as people can see in the picture, the ebike is a style where all the lines are hidden. It looks very clean. Funncycle’s Workers use the BAFANG Speed & Torque Integrated Sensor and the BAFANG GO APP to control the speed level of the Ebike and check the Speed of the ebike.

If people’re looking for some wheels to knock around town, their options are nearly endless. The workers of Funncycle know because they’ve tried just about every one. They’ve been living and riding in New York City for more than a decade and have sampled the gamut: road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes, cruisers and fixies, not to mention all manner of hybrid combos. And They have to say that perhaps their favorite city bike hails from a segment people wouldn’t expect: city gravel.

Which the Funncycle realize probably sounds nuts. After all, city gravel ebikes are designed not for city streets but for rough-and-tumble off-road trails. The idea is to combine the adrenaline rush of mountain biking with the speed of road biking. And when ridden roughshod over dirt and sand and rocks and grass and, well, gravel, these bikes are loads of fun.

The BAFANG Speed & Torque Integrated Sensor we use is introduced. Please refer to the table below for the specific parameter configuration. Generally speaking, the feeling of city gravel makes customers feel more like riding a normal bike.But they don’t feel so tired, which is a wonderful experience.


Core Data


Speed & Torque Integrated Sensor

Signals (Pulses/Cycle)


Input Voltage(DCV)

4.5 -5.5

Output Voltage(DCV)

0.75 -3.2

Resolution (mv/N.m)


Operation Temperature

-20 – 60℃

Shaft Standard


Weight (g)


Mounting Parameters

BB Width(mm)


Mounting Position

Bottom Bracket

Cable Length(mm), Connector Type

150 G6.5.5 / 950 G6.5.5

Tests & Certifications




EN 15194 / EN 14764 / ROHS


Dimension A

148 mm

Dimension B

68 mm

Dimension C


Dimension D


Dimension E

47.5 mm

Dimension F

74.5 mm

Dimension G


Dimension H


Dimension I


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