Garage Shelving Market Demand Is Steadily Growing

In the Amazon, US station garage storage best sellers list (any department–tools & home improvement–storage & home organization–garage storage, We found that among the top 100 best-selling products in the garage storage category, rivet metal shelves ranked 23rd.

There are 1865 buyer reviews for this product.

garage rack

In the Amazon, US station Storage Racks best sellers list (Any Department–Tools & Home Improvement–Storage & Home Organization–Storage Racks, We found that among the top 100 best-selling products in the sub-category of storage shelves, metal shelves are at the 12th and 60th places.

The 12th product is a rivet rack, with a total of 1865 reviews.

garage shelf

The 60th product is a slotted rack with a total of 1107 reviews.

garage shelves

In Google Trends, we enter the three comparison terms garage shelving, garage rack, and garage shelf to see their trend changes in the past 12 months. We found that the search popularity of garage shelving, garage rack, and garage shelf is picking up recently, and it is about to surpass the historical peak, which shows that the demand for the shelf market is growing.

garage rack

Looking at the B to B trade, from the end of 2020 to May 2021, the number of inquiries for garage racks in our company has been increasing. The countries inquiring are mainly concentrated in the United States, the Philippines, and Europe. From June to August, the volume of inquiries began to decline, and at the same time, our transaction value was also declining. Starting from September, we found that the volume of inquiries in our Alibaba stores slowly increased again. Among them, the number of inquiries per day on September 3 reached 22. In the first week of September, our sales managers filled many orders.

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