After Recent Success Writer and Singer Ahsan Samraa Reveals How Music Saved Him During a Dark Time in His Life

Pakistan national Ahsan Samraa residing in the US as an F1 student, has turned into an internet sensation for his unique lyrics and vocals. The young artist has written and sung a series of songs that have gone on to become instant hits on YouTube. Ahsan’s groovy Punjabi music has gained him a name for himself, with his latest music video hitting 64,000 views on YouTube.

Although Ahsan was born in Pakistan, he later moved to the United States as a student. After completing his semester at Minnesota State University, he transferred college to Texas. Back home in Pakistan, his family faced an unexpected financial crisis that disturbed Ahsan, causing him to fail that school term. His future and career became a big question overnight.

“Our financial situation went bad in Pakistan. I couldn’t focus on that school term and subsequently failed. Hence, I had to reapply for my reinstatement (getting back to student status) or I could’ve been sent back to my country if I was denied. That was the darkest and most depressing time of my life because US visa was all I had achieved through my school career”, says the budding artist Ahsan Samraa.

He now had to wait patiently for his application to process. During that one year, Ahsan relied greatly on music for hope and a way to vent his fears of the future. He one day remembered the poems he wrote when he was younger and decided to take another go at it. in the days that followed, Ahsan discovered that he had a unique writing ability inside him. “As I was already a good vocalist, I wrote my own songs, day and night”, says the artist.

As soon as Ahsan dropped his first song, it got tons of views on YouTube within a few days. He remembers how those initial moments set a prospective career for him in the music industry, and he knew right away that that’s what he was going to do. To date, Ahsan has released four songs and is currently working on an album. The artist says this is his world now, and he cannot imagine what would happen to him if he could no longer continue to make the music loves.

“Ahsan Samraa Official” is the artist’s YouTube channel featuring entertainment along with groovy Panjabi songs, Punjabi bhangra music, Punjabi romantic songs, and much more. Ahsan continues to work hard to put up music for his fans, listeners, and subscribers, whom he regards as part of his family. He is constantly producing new and entertaining content while regularly uploading amazing music videos. He recently got his reinstatement and is now a full-time student of Computer science.

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