Nancy Fulton Interviews Selene Castrovilla on Roadmap Writers Support from Leading Hollywood Pros & Publishing Insiders

Hollywood, California – On September 23, Selene Castrovilla, Director of the Roadmap Writers Authors Program, will discuss how Roadmap connects established Writers, Screenwriters, Agents, Managers, Publishers, and Producers with up-and-coming writers and screenwriters worldwide.

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Founded in 2016 by Joey Tuccio and Dorian Connelley, Roadmap Writers has become a mecca for writers and screenwriters seeking mentoring, training, and support from established professionals working in the entertainment and publishing industries. Screenwriters can get direct mentoring, notes, and other support from screenwriters, producers, agents, and managers, with strong studio and/or independent film experience. Authors can get mentoring, notes, and support from writers, editors, and literary agents who have worked with and for major publishers and agencies.

Nancy Fulton, founder of NancyFultonMeetups, says, “Many writers and screenwriters take classes or join peer-to-peer critique groups. I think those can be important for developing voice and craft. But the truth is, people who get 1-to-1 mentoring and support from insiders do better. Anyone can have an opinion about a script or a book, but someone who has recently worked for a studio as a screenwriter has a much better sense of what studios want. An editor who has worked with a major publishing company will give you different and more commercially valuable notes than a fellow writer who writes the same kind of books. Roadmap Writers seeks to connect their writers to insiders who can give them accurate, timely, market-aware mentoring, feedback, and notes.”

Roadmap Writers lists 195+ writers  who have been signed with agents, managers, producers, and publishers at

They list dozens of insiders who offer 1-to-1 monthly mentoring through their program at

Ad-hoc consulting services provided by experts can be found at

Selene Castrovilla, Director of the Authors Program at Roadmap Writers, and a multi-award-winning  author in her own right, will discuss how Roadmap Writers helps authors and screenwriters achieve their personal and professional ambitions by providing them with exactly the kind of professional support they need.

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Questions addressed in the workshop will include:

  • What makes Roadmap Writers unique when it comes to supporting authors and screenwriters
  • Why industry experts choose to work with Roadmap to support writers
  • How working with Roadmap Writers helps protect writer scripts and books when working with insiders
  • How working with Roadmap Writers is different from taking classes at UCLA, USC, and other schools
  • How industry pros help writers and screenwriters understand the art of pitching their projects “in the room” or on the phone
  • On-demand services provided by experts including first 10 pages review, first 30 pages review, detailed notes on whole screenplays and books, etc.
  • The Roadmap Writers community of writers and the events that allow writers working with the program to get to know one another

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