Profit Singularity Reviews – Detailed Report On Profit Generating Course

People who have searched for Profit Singularity reviews will know there are plenty of these online. However, most of these reviews are focused on promoting or demoting this system and do not deliver much to the readers. Some even go so far as to spread misinformation about it, trying to gain sales or to put down this system. Not even an online business expert could come to a decision about Profit Singularity with such misdirected reviews. Even more frustrating is how a lot of people would miss out on key information privy only to Profit Singularity, due to a failure to sign up on time. 

Profit Singularity Reviews – Is It A Legitimate Income Generating Program?

This is why we have compiled our Profit Singularity review with all the expert advice and information we could find. This review was written after several days spent researching the affiliate business model. And we have taken into account the principles, methods, and benefits of the Profit Singularity system. This Profit Singularity review will even reveal if the program has any downsides to prevent loss of money. This would help people confidently decide whether to sign up for it or not. 


Product Name Profit Singularity
Main Benefits Helping people generate traffic from YouTube
Language English
Category Make Money Online
Creators Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones, Mark Ling
Specification 7 module training program
Course Duration 6 weeks
Price $2497
Money-Back Guarantee 60-days
Official Website Click Here

What is Profit Singularity?

Profit Singularity is a program unlike anything else on the internet, which promises to help set up an affiliate business for anyone. Using the latest technological tools and methods in affiliate marketing, the system will take advantage of YouTube Ads.

This is guaranteed to drive a lot of traffic to these products, earning users as much as 3000 dollars, as was shown in a beta test of this Profit Singularity program. 

In simpler words, a web search is the basis of most people’s choices today. The internet is driving the market, and there is a lot of money to be made online. Affiliate marketing is how people are generating immense amounts of wealth without stockpiling products.

Such businesses do not have to shell out millions of dollars into the R&D, sales, negotiations, etc, that entail a product-oriented business. And, there is always a product in demand that one can switch to at a moment’s notice, helping avoid losses in case of a strategical mistake. 

Profit Singularity system takes this basic affiliate marketing to the next level, by helping people generate traffic from YouTube. Being the number one video platform in the world in terms of traffic, YouTube is a voluminous traffic funnel with a lot of earning potential.

So, the Profit Singularity program aims to help anyone take advantage of YouTube to make millions, with very little investment. 

So, within a matter of minutes, people will be able to set up, market, and sell products through their online business. Profit Singularity brings several more aids such as the all-inclusive software, done-for-you templates, and more to help make this a profitable endeavor for anyone. 

Before we go into the contents of this program, it’d be best to see who created the Profit Singularity system. By the way, readers can also sign up for the Profit Singularity Free Live Workshop today to hear about it from the creators themselves. 

Profit-Singularity ebook-3-step-system-revealed

Profit Singularity Program Creators

Profit Singularity is a program from the trio behind successful marketing programs such as Healthy Commissions. These are business and marketing experts with a lot of experience under their belt. Let us see who these people are. 

  • Gerry Cramer

A software developer by trade, Mr. Cramer is among the top Clickbank affiliates of the day. He worked for many years as a developer and SEO marketer before his success in affiliate marketing. He shares priceless insights about the industry in the Profit Singularity program. 

  • Rob Jones

A former strategic planning consultant, Rob constitutes the creative excellence of the Profit Singularity system. From web-based storytelling content to social media content and more, Rob has been involved with marketing content much of his life. He will be able to show people what sells, and how to create content that attracts conversion. 

Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer

  • Mark Ling

Mr. Ling is a self-made millionaire from  New Zealand with a  passion for teaching beginner marketers. He has been running his successful online marketing venture for the past 15 years plus. He has a massive following online as he acts as a mentor to many, helping people through his social media posts on the best niches and products. 

Mark ling

Together, these three educators of the Profit Singularity system have a lot to offer for anyone looking to earn online. The collaboration of these three industry experts makes Profit Singularity a sought-after system

Interested readers can sign up for their Free Live Workshop and watch them detail their program in person. Registration is free, and open for this workshop right now.

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What does Profit Singularity System teach?

Profit Singularity course spans a total of 6 weeks, over which the expert creators of this system will personally teach the aspirants all their secrets. From basics such as choosing the right niche, products, to the tools, and business practices needed to succeed, are all included in this system.

Further, the Profit Singularity course will provide secret tips and techniques that the top entrepreneurs have been utilizing to exploit this business model.

Below listed are some of the teachings of Profit Singularity. 

  • YouTube Ads

Since YouTube is the most visited platform online, YouTube Ads are the least exploited traffic funnel today. So, the Profit Singularity program will give the students in-depth knowledge about YouTube Ads, and how to drive traffic using these. 

  • A Bigger Slice Of The Profit

Harking back to the trio’s successful Higher Commissions program, this module will help get the most out of various campaigns. They have even negotiated with various sellers to offer as much as 90% commissions per sale. For some perspective, a 50% commission on some premium products could mean as much as $500-$2500.

  • Proprietary Software Tool

From the expert software developers of this team comes the Profit Singularity software that makes scaling from Ads to marketing a breeze. This software will help students set up high-quality websites to direct the traffic too. 

  • Ad Generator

The Software included in the Profit Singularity package is a powerful tool that can take care of everything related to YouTube Ads. It will help the students generate high-converting advertisements to drive traffic. 

  • Unlimited Earnings

Without stocking up on products, or spending time on shipping them out, the students of Profit Singularity can make substantial profits, in just a few clicks. From setting up the business to conversions and commissions, the system has it all covered. Once the online business gets going, profits simply flow into your account. 

  • Competitions and Cash Prizes, Every Week

Now, it could be tough to keep the students motivated in the initial stages of a brand new business. Profit Singularity covers even this with the weekly cash prizes dolled out upon achieving competitive goals. Needless to say, this is also an innovative idea introduced by the Profit Singularity trio and found with no other course, program, or system. 

  • Profit Singularity Modules

As already mentioned in this Profit Singularity review, the program is 6 weeks long and contains a total of 7 modules. This makes it a lot easier for students to create the stores and scale them up gradually, while, learning the trade. This will help identify the key points, in practice, and progressively improve upon the skillset.

  • Live Pre-Training Session

It all starts with the Pre-Training Session, which is a Free, Live-explainer by the Educator trio. But it is nearly booked full despite offering several time-slots and sessions. This Live Workshop is completely free, where the trio lays out the basics of the Profit Singularity system, its methods, etc.

They will reinforce their claims with the facts and figures from the recent Profit Singularity beta trial. Some of the beta testers even made northwards of 3000 dollars every day, through this system. 

The creators will introduce the inexpensive tools used in this program such as the software, and other cost-cutting methods in this session. However, the limited availability of seats is a concern for many who are flocking to their website, even right now.

It will be wise to book a slot right away for anyone who wants more information before choosing to sign up for the full training. 

Week 1 – Winning Advertisements

The first week’s module is a guide to everything YouTube Ads-related. The foundation, idea, and structure of high-converting YouTube Ads will be taught this first week. Understanding YouTube Advertisements is the foundation of this system. So, the first week nearly covers half of the Profit Singularity system. 

Week 2 – Killer Copies

The basis of any well-performing YouTube Advert is a creative and outstanding idea. Particularly, the script of such videos will require creative thinking combined with a solid method of delivery. A good script will enable the creation of high-converting advertisements. 

Week 3 – Presell Pages

Presell pages are the ones that pop up before a web page itself is shown on many sites. Statistically, these are shown to grab the attention of people. These could be used to market products, and successfully drive traffic to any product. Profit Singularity system Week 3 teaches students how to set up these presell pages. 

Week 4 – Money Ads

Week 4 involves the practical application of the teachings till then in a business. This means that students will start and run a YouTube Ads Affiliate business independently. This takes the trainees through brainstorming ideas, creating a YouTube Advertisement campaign, and successfully marketing the product through the tools and platforms revealed by Profit Singularity. Under the supervision of the trio, students can easily correct mistakes, and also learn tricks used by the Affiliate Marketing Millionaires. 

Week 5 – Identifying Opportunities

Herein, students will learn how to look at the work and grade it. This will help analyze the YouTube Advertisements created and identifying those which can be scaled up. This requires looking for various metrics, characteristics, etc, in the adverts. The trainees will be able to promote or Scrap adverts based on this analysis, helping reduce outlay, and increasing the income. 

Week 6 – Super Affiliate

Super Affiliates are those who make millions of dollars from affiliate marketing online. This level means 7-figure incomes, multiple campaigns, and projects, etc. So, week 6 will complete the students’ transformation into super affiliates with all the necessary insights. This even includes the tips, tricks, and methods used by accomplished marketing millionaires.

More info on their system is available through the free Live Workshops which are open for registration right now.  


What is known about the Profit Singularity methods?

Since Profit Singularity is a unique program of its kind, much is not known about how it works. All will be revealed at the Free Live Workshop before this course begins. According to the Profit Singularity review by genuine customers, this Profit Singularity system will help set up a YouTube advertisements affiliate business and run advertisement campaigns. By directing the traffic from these to products pages and sales, the Profit Singularity system will secure an inflow of cash, with very little investment.

The profits will keep on coming well into the future, making this a feasible business for even those just starting. It does not involve:

  • Product manufacturing or inventory
  • Customer Service
  • Social media accounts
  • Facebook Ads
  • Online Service Channels
  • Financial Risks

Profit Singularity System does not even require the participants to step out of the home to start making money online.

What makes Profit Singularity unique?

Profit Singularity system boasts many advantages over other programs of similar nature. These unique features are as follows.

  • It is the very first to help people utilize YouTube the world’s no.1 video platform, and drive traffic
  • Does not involve account suspensions or reporting as Google tends to be more lenient with these
  • Comes with powerful and all-inclusive software and tools to run YouTube advertisement campaigns
  • Helps generate quality YouTube Adverts with no advanced equipment, or a voiceover artist
  • Offers inexhaustive opportunities with identifying and promoting the right campaigns
  • Gives rapid and sustainable business growth that keeps bringing in money
  • It has no earning cap or a maximum
  • It is a repeatable system that works every time
  • Comes with all the information, tools, and other details needed
  • and much more…

Pros and Cons Of Profit Singularity online training program 


  • Easy to follow system
  • Short time-frame 
  • Ready-made tools and software solutions
  • Globally accessible
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Exclusively available on the official website
  • A limited number of seats

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Who should sign up for Profit Singularity?

The beauty of the Profit Singularity system is that it may be used by just about anyone. People can sign up for it and begin a successful affiliate business in no time. This Profit Singularity program comes with easy-to-follow instructions and teachings anyone can follow, even without any tech knowledge. 

People who have heard of affiliate marketing, yet, are tentative about starting can make use of its risk-free nature today. Even better is the Free Live Pre-Training Session open for registration now, signing up for which will unveil more details about this Profit Singularity program. 


Pricing and Where to Sign-Up?

Profit Singularity system is offered in three options that will suit anyone looking to sign-up.

These options are: 

As soon as payment is completed, buyers gain access to all Profit Singularity content, and services via the registered email. This system even comes with a promise to refund the money if a user gets no results with the Profit Singularity program for up to 30 days. 

But, none of these is available anywhere other than the Profit Singularity official website. All the above-mentioned offers, discounts, etc, can be accessed only here.

Profit Singularity Bonuses

Profit Singularity system entails 7 promotional bonuses to help make the YouTube affiliate business a child’s play for students. Attending the Free Workshop will give more details about these. Here is a list of all the Profit Singularity bonuses.

  • BONUS 1: Video Script Generator
  • BONUS 2: A.I. Voice Software
  • BONUS 3: Three Free Websites
  • BONUS 4: Splash Page Templates
  • BONUS 5: Money Making Products
  • BONUS 6: The Million Dollar Ad Vault
  • BONUS 7: Over-The-Shoulder $300k in 14 Days Case Study

Final Verdict – Profit Singularity Reviews

Overall, looking at the principles and methods of Profit Singularity, it looks to be a promising program to start an affiliate business online. Created by the renowned affiliate marketing trio behind ‘Healthy Commissions’, this Profit Singularity program offers the A-Z information needed to start a business and scale it up. Its unique principle of deriving traffic from YouTube gives it an exclusive base to work on. 

It helps its students start affiliate marketing simply by creating YouTube Ads. These high-converting ads, combined with Presell pages, etc, will ensure that users get the most out of its teachings. Profit Singularity system will establish a constant inflow of money, which could be a blessing for anyone. 

So, those who have been looking to start online should give this Profit Singularity program a try. This is risk-free for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Otherwise, readers of Profit Singularity review can also sign up for the Free Live Workshop to learn more about it.

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