Project Transcend Revolutionizes Social Media with platform based on privacy, meaning.

Project Transcend provides an opportunity to connect meaningfully and capture one’s life journey.

Transcend sets a new paradigm in social media, one that focuses on inspiring authentic connections, and immersive memory experiences. It allows people to express themselves meaningfully, while helping to foster lasting relationships with people who matter most. Through the platform, people can not only share important moments, but they can also capture the emotions and meanings behind those moments to create a legacy that defines one’s life journey.

Social media platforms have become an integral part of today’s society, especially during the pandemic when most are confined at homes with no way to go out and connect with friends and loved ones. However, privacy concerns, advertising, and negative social interactions have degraded the social experience. Now more than ever people are looking for ways to connect that go beyond the superficial.

“Social media needs a revolution. People are tired of the noise on current platforms and are desperate for authentic ways to meaningfully connect with one another, and Transcend is that answer. It’s a safe place to explore yourself, and express yourself, without the intrusion of big tech. We believe that every life story matters, and we won’t stop until the power of legacy is in the hands of everyone,” says Matt Phillips, CEO and founder of Project Transcend.

The Transcend app redefines what social media is all about. It was born out of the passion to create a space where one’s legacy can be shared across time and space without any barriers. It’s also born out of the passion to create a place that cultivates genuine connection. By giving users the tools to share their stories in a meaningful and immersive way, they can leave an imprint of the life they lived to the people they care about forever.

To make things easier for users, Transcend has authored thousands of prompts, or conversation starters, that make telling your story simple. These starters help make your experience more purposeful, and communication more secure.

With Transcend, privacy is paramount, and users are in control of their data – a striking departure from traditional social media. When asked, Transcend’s founder Matt Phillips said “Your data is sacred, not sold. Your privacy isn’t a feature, it’s the foundation of what we do. There are no ads, no noise, and no non-sense.”

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About Project Transcend

Project Transcend is a new social platform that aims to change how people connect. It’s founded on creating authentic interactions, capturing precious moments, and sharing one’s legacy forever.

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