Entrepreneur Deanna Allen Shares How She Found Fulfillment through Launching Her Brand, D Avanti

Entrepreneur Deanna Allen Shares How She Found Fulfillment through Launching Her Brand, D Avanti

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Despite how much potential a person can have to succeed in academics and careers, a sense of unfulfillment can overshadow and hold them back. For entrepreneur Deanna Allen, excelling in everything she put her mind to came as naturally as breathing. However, she always felt that she could go beyond and thrive in other endeavors. So rather than settle, Deanna broadened her horizons by embarking on a career as an entrepreneur. As a result, she created her boutique, D Avanti, which has given her the sense of fulfillment she was always looking for.

A 24-year old self-made entrepreneur, Deanna Allen has spent most of her life fascinated by business. As a child, she developed her interest in entrepreneurship, dabbling in businesses like jewelry sales and flipping items. As she entered high school, Deanna exercised her fascination, being accepted into multiple entrepreneurship programs like the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs in Kentucky, which influenced her thought processes and drive as an entrepreneur. “I was able to spend some of the most formative years of my life in various cities,” Deanna added.

Upon graduating, Deanna enrolled at the University of Louisville with plans of attending medical school and pursuing a career in neurology. However, once she got her degree, Deanna impulsively changed lanes, a decision that was far from her initial plans. She started a clothing store called D Avanti. Deanna was able to involve herself with a network marketing company that focused on health and wellness in her college days. It helped launch her into entrepreneurship by growing her as a person enough to believe that she could be successful at doing something.

“Since that point, I have attended UNC-Chapel Hill to further my education, stepped heavily into various other investments, and helped others begin their journey into entrepreneurship,” she said.

Throughout her life, Deanna Allen has always been an extremely driven and hard-working person who excelled in academics and traditional jobs, but she always carried a sense of unfulfillment. In pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, Deanna found her calling. As the founder and CEO of D Avanti, she has been dedicated to not only growing her businesses but also helping others start and grow their businesses

“I have always believed in the saying ‘collaboration over competition’ and implement that heavily into my life,” Deanna explained, “I want to see anyone who has the courage to build something of their own see massive success in their business, and if I can be a catalyst to help that happen, then all the better.”

What makes D Avanti a unique business entity is its personality. Thanks to Deanna’s unique opportunity to spend much of her life in various cities, she was able to jot down everything that inspired her, which reflected in her business. As a result, Deanna describes her store as a unique outlet that borrows the spirit of Chicago and Miami, two major cities where she felt most at home.

Successful in launching her brand, Deanna Allen foresees D Avanti opening multiple storefront locations with a major focus on the midwest and South Florida areas. She plans to transition her brand from a women-exclusive boutique to expanding a selection for men, featuring local designers in the lineup. Additionally, Deanna sees herself expanding to other business ventures while helping others embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Learn more about Deanna Allen by visiting her official website.

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