High-quality Chinese movement: The Agelocer movement introduction

People live from the heart, and the watch runs from the movement. For a mechanical watch, the movement is its heart and source of power. Many watch brands purchase standard movements directly, but Agelocer, a new generation of mechanical watch brand in China, has been investing heavily in movement technology research and development since its establishment,so that they have the ability to develop their own movements. From design to production, it is strictly controlled. It takes at least 10,000 hours to develop a movement. Agelocer is committed to creating a new era quality movement in China.

The company has never stopped innovating independently. The power reserve of the new Agelocer movement has reached a remarkable 80 hours, which is twice that of the ordinary movement. The energy of the spring is released more slowly and evenly, which can improve the stability and accuracy of the watch. Long-powered watches are a symbol of the strength of major brands, and most of the Agelocer series are equipped with 80-hour power movements. Agelocer continues to create pioneering and original movements. The most representative products include complex mechanical tourbillon movements, finely polished large-open window calendar movements, exquisite classic carved movements and advanced modern skeleton movements,etc.

Complex mechanical movement CAL.A9001

The tourbillon is known as the most complex technology of mechanical watches, and the flying tourbillon is the peak of the tourbillon. This tourbillon without a front bracket, which can make the tourbillon as thin as possible and more mechanically dynamic. The CAL.A9001 flying tourbillon movement adopts a dual-spring linkage system, with a diameter of 30 mm, a thickness of 5.1 mm, 80 hours of kinetic energy reserve, 25 ruby bearings, and 2,8000 vibrations per hour.

The Agelocer flying tourbillon series watch is equipped with this movement, which uses advanced architectural aesthetics as the overall design inspiration to construct the sky city on the wrist, and the flying tourbillon without front support seems to be floating in the air. Excluding unnecessary splint parts, leaving only the rigid skeleton of the movement, the double-sided hollow design can give a glimpse of the internal skeleton structure of the watch, giving the watch a more pure mechanical beauty and representing the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing.

Exquisitely polished movement CAL.A4610

The CAL.A4610 movement is an automatic mechanical movement with a diameter of 31.9 mm, a thickness of 5.6 mm, a power reserve of 80 hours, 27 red jewels, and 28,800 vibrations per hour. The movement is processed by advanced watchmaking technology, and the finely polished Geneva stripes and fish scale stripes plywood is decorated with grilled blue steel screws. The appearance is bright and very ornamental.

The Astronomer series is equipped with this movement. The watch is inspired by the sun, moon and stars, and shows the eternal relationship between astronomical phenomena and time expression. The Agelocer Moon Phase Watch breaks through the design of the traditional small window mode. It is the first to create a large panoramic window. The 3D engraved moon will move on the dial with time, showing the dynamic beauty of day and night. The bold and unique design concept makes the Astronomer Series stand out from nearly 10,000 entries from all over the world. It has won the silver award of the 2020 London Design Awards, the silver award of the 2021 Berlin Design Awards, and the 2021A’ DESIGN AWARD Italy Silver Award of A Design Award.


Modern skeleton movement CAL.A 4910

CAL.A4910 automatic mechanical movement, equipped with 28 jewels, diameter 30 mm, thickness 5.1 mm, power reserve 80 hours, 28,800 vibration/hour. This movement replaces the traditional unilateral watch bridge with a horizontal watch bridge, which forms a more stable structure and ensures that the balance wheel is in a stable position and improves the accuracy of time. The movement is processed by DLC process, finished with advanced watchmaking technology, edge chamfering and edge polishing, the front of the movement is polished with fish scales, and the back is brushed and polished to show a matte texture. The double-sided hollow design makes the movement fully integrated into the watch and presents a modern and advanced style.


The Schwarzwald Series mechanical watch is a typical watch equipped with this movement, drawing inspiration from nature. The interlaced hollow structure outlines the mysterious bushes of the forest. The dodecagonal shell has sharp edges and corners, which blends natural and mechanical beauty. It also means the spirit of exploring the unknown landscape.


Classical carved movement CAL.A4710

This is a rhodium-plated movement treated with advanced watchmaking technology, equipped with 25 jewels, 30 mm in diameter, 5.1 mm in thickness, 80 hours of power reserve, 28,800 vibrations/hour. The watchmaker removes the unnecessary parts of the splint except the skeleton, and uses extremely precise techniques to create a smooth and pleasing classical relief effect. Each part is finely polished and has a chamfer with polished edges. Because the carved part is very gorgeous, the back is decorated with satin-brushed processing for contrast.

Agelocer Budapest series carved hollow mechanical watch, using the CAL.A4710 movement, the watch design is inspired by the beautiful and unique Budapest. This series of watches integrates exquisite flow cloud carvings and hollow automatic mechanical movement, with wide-faced metal Roman index nails and retro blue steel hands. The collision of modern and classic styles adds agility and beauty to the precise and rigorous machinery. The double-sided transparent design allows you to fully appreciate the precise mechanical movements inside the watch.

Agelocer firmly believes that every detail must be considered carefully in order to achieve a masterpiece. The design of a watch must clearly understand every detail of the watch. All movements are composed of hundreds of hand-finished parts, reflecting the ultimate pursuit of exquisite quality. The product team supervises the entire process from design, drawing, plate making, parts production, manual assembly, and testing. In order to become a leader in the Chinese watchmaking industry, Agelocer is committed to developing outstanding Chinese movements that lead the industry. Continuous progress on the way to achieve advanced craftsmanship.

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