The Rise Of Verbal Consulting Leading to Help Entrepreneurs Bank Big In 2021

The Rise Of Verbal Consulting Leading to Help Entrepreneurs Bank Big In 2021 wants to exquisitely revolutionize the way emerging entrepreneurs Seek and Obtain professional advice online by connecting them to their desired experts on the queries.

Rutherford, NJ, USA – In this rapidly evolving digital age, with advent of technology lifestyle of choices of people, their work and leisure options including the way they spend money online have drastically changed. Various social networking platforms, has helped increased communication and has opened new ways to make and spend money online. This has given rise to an exclusive new model of work based income commonly referred as “gig economy”, which is reshaping the future of online self-employment. To elaborate Gig economy primarily consists of three players: the independent freelancers who offer their service as a gig; the consumers who need a specific service; and the corporations that connect the freelancers to the consumers, including web and app-based platforms.

Evidentiary to the concept, there are many successful businesses that are based off of Gig economy idea such as Youtube, Upwork, Fiverr, Udemy and many more. These platforms have not only provided numerous opportunities for freelancer niche, to globally influence, educate and advise their audiences but also has helped Capitalize their knowledge and expertise. These platforms are adding flexibility to the Purveyors, breaking the traditional office-based working style; providing opportunities to work from home, travel while working or utilizing their expertise to generate passive income. The need and hunger for extra and passive income is growing among the millennials and Gen-Z, where they are adding multiple hustles to source up the extra becoming an entrepreneur.

However, with little to no experience, the millennials and Generation Z entrepreneurs often need and seek professional guidance to scale their business or even to just get started with their new ventures. is an upcoming platform that aims to leverage the gig economy model to help these entrepreneurs network with industry experts and get their queries resolved. Currently, is onboarding experts from six different industries – Real Estate, Stock Trading, eCommerce, Marketing, Recruiting, and Social network Influencers. As per the company’s CEO, these six industries present tremendous potential for growth and opportunities. “With growing number of influencers, gig-economy is projected to be a 40 Billion Dollar Industry by 2030, we expect that a majority of them will seek some kind of expert advice at some point across their entrepreneurial journey,” says Durlav Rijal, Founder and CEO of “We are well poised to fill that gap by creating an online marketplace where these entrepreneurs can easily search and connect with relevant industry experts.”

With the seamless integration of a video communication and the flexibility to set their own schedule for experts, allows online entrepreneurs to connect with an expert in the respective industry for verbal-digital consulting. Whether one is planning to start a business, or just getting started, or are in a process of scaling their business, has experts that can consult them on every step.

“Internet is flooded with biased and incorrect information. Not to forget, this information is generalized for everyone and not exclusively for your questions,” says Durlav. “We saw this as an opportunity to help information seekers get authentic professional advice from experts, tailored to their specific situations.”

Gone are the days when seeking professional advice would seem to be an enormous and time-consuming task. Searching for the right experts, or approaching friends and relatives for references, calling up the expert’s office to fix appointments, making visits to their office to meet them just because they wouldn’t communicate on the phone and so on. It would be days if not weeks, before one could get answers to their queries. Let that be history now. With GetFo, all one has to do is to log onto the platform, connect with the experts online and get your questions answered, with just few clicks.’s motto “fast, affordable and user-friendly services”, living up to it, the company today boasts of several happy customers who have shared rave reviews and testimonials about their experience using the company’s platform and these are the absolute values that underpin the entire operation of the business. is committed to providing the best user experience by continuously investing in upgrading their platform based on emerging trends and user feedback. The company’s commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled which makes for a business that clients are proud to use and recommend to others.

About is a network of industry experts where online entrepreneurs can leverage the power of the internet to connect with other entrepreneurs and freelancers, who are also an expert within the industry. is in a mission to bridge the communication gap between online entrepreneurs who are either looking to start, sustain, or scale their venture by connecting them to an expert from the marketplace for advice and mentorship.

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