Mezzanine Floors Perth offers modular and custom-built mezzanine floors as an alternative space solution.

Only very few people would consider building a mezzanine floor space. But for those owning or managing warehouses and other commercial buildings, it is a practical space solution. Mezzanine Floors Perth is regarded as the expert when it comes to building custom mezzanine floors in Western Australia.

When people think of a mezzanine floor, people immediately think of commercial buildings and big mansions. But a mezzanine can be a great way to save space and improve the look and feel of open space. Mezzanine Floors Perth specializes in industrial and commercial steel that are common materials for warehouses in and around Perth. Because this material is easy to use and readily available, it is the ideal choice when it comes to adding a mezzanine floor.

The benefits of a mezzanine floor are obvious in warehouses with high ceilings. It is the perfect way to access the unused vertical space without having to expand the building. It is also easy to build and won’t cost as much as having to build additional building space. It can also be a great way to increase office space by allocating more rooms above existing office space. In some cases, a mezzanine can be used as a storage space. With the help of Mezzanine Floors Perth, business and warehouse owners won’t need to pay extra for renting more space. They offer several options for flooring material, from plywood flooring to steel mesh or plat flooring.

Mezzanine Floors Perth also offers floor kits. Their mezzanine floors are typically made using custom or modular design which makes them very flexible regardless of the space. Customers are assured that all their designs are structurally certified by an engineer and it also comes with detailed marking plans that allow customers to choose between a fully installed package or a supply-only floor kit. was started by two friends back in 2016. Their goal is to provide customized mezzanine floor space for storage as well as an efficient space solution for commercial and industrial buildings in Western Australia. With an extensive background in construction and repair work, Mezzanine Floors Perth has consistently delivered excellent results to its customers. And as a way to give back to the community that has supported their business all these years, they are offering an apprenticeship program for residents and also serving as a workplace for local high school students who are keen to learn about construction.

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