Spain Based Innovative Startup Scan DeFi Is Helping Crypto Investors Make Better Decisions

Spain Based Innovative Startup Scan DeFi Is Helping Crypto Investors Make Better Decisions
Scan DeFi offers an automatic system for detecting fraudulent contracts, prevention and citation of fraudulent projects.

SPAIN – Scan DeFi is a decentralized investing tool made to help cryptocurrency investors make better decisions by detecting scammers. Scan DeFi has a lot of different utilities and sections within the platform such as the scanner (most concurrent section) a section where investors can search the token that they would like to invest in, and they would get a whole analysed dataset analysed by our algorithm that by looking at all the information out there of that token is able to give a percentage rate of being a scam. They have and will have things like the blacklist, scan swap, a gaming zone with minigames and videogames, a voting zone, staking, farming and much more.

Anyone in the blockchain world will know about those famous scams that everyone is a victim of at least once in their lifetime. Scan DeFi was formed because the founders decided that enough was enough and this couldn’t carry on. With a big team with website, blockchain and videogame programmers; marketing specialists; support staff and cybersecurity and finance experts. They have a complete team that will be helping everyone to be safer in this world.

The utility of the token is to have access to different sections of the platform, such as some more informative videos/classes where Scan DeFi will teach the user all about the red flags that most of the scammers have. For most of these things the user will just have to connect their wallet and it will automatically detect if the user is holding SCAN. The user will be able to use SCAN inside the mini games and games where it will help the user to get more and more SCAN as the user wins on these games.

Scan DeFi will also launch their NFT marketplace where the user will be able to buy NFTs that will allow the user to get better rewards in-game. There will be different types of NFTs inside the Scan ecosystem and each will have their own purpose and story, making investors want to acquire them.

They are developing a game-changing videogame estimated to be finished in one year but with different beta phases in between that will cost more than $120,000.

One of Scan’s pillars is building a community of communities, bringing people from all types of communities and projects together to fight against the filthy scammers that unfortunately are in this cryptocurrency world and must be eliminated for once and for all. Not only counting influencers like the Youtubers, Instagramers and Twitter influencers but also other tokens that want to fight fraud in this world. They will all help reach to more people and build a community of trust. “Fighting these scammers will be easier together than alone” is what they say.

For more information about Scan DeFi and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website (, or Twitter.

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