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Most people, if not all, have experienced trauma in their lives, even at a very young age. The sad truth is, many of them are having difficulties acknowledging this trauma and eventually healing from it. Not only does this affect their self-image and how they currently live but also their relationships. And just like these people who are constantly dealing with what seems to be a never-ending cycle of ups and downs, Danny Stillman also struggled with the feeling of not being good enough, what can be wrong with him, and whether or not he did something wrong. Fortunately, he was able to rise above all odds, with a renewed mission to help other people get out of that same pain and numbness to start living to their full potential.

Now that he is a certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Transformational Mindset, and Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Danny decided to implement his experience and knowledge through Danny Stillman Coaching. By teaching life concepts that aren’t commonly taught at home, in school, or in the workplace, his clients learn how to understand and manage their emotions positively and gain the skills to make the right career, relationship, home environment, education, financial, and health decisions for a more fulfilling life.

Personally, Danny himself is a living testimony that it is possible to break free from pain and sufferings brought about past experiences. Growing up as an only child, only to have been abandoned by his dad and close family because of his mother’s gender orientation and to have experienced physical abuse, Danny did not have an ideal childhood. To add, he managed to grow up with little to no guidance from an adult and when he eventually became one, life once again challenged him with his mom’s diagnosis of cancer and a marriage that resulted to divorce.

As someone who lived through so much but managed to get back on his feet, Danny offers personalized sessions that make use of positive psychology that combines neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplative studies, and holistic medicine to help people manage their own emotions and regain control of their lives. He also offers the Get Real, Heal & Deal online course that can be helpful for people by learning three antidotes that will transform their lives into a more meaningful and impactful one. Danny also developed Integrative Nutrition, a 6-month program for those who want to take the holistic and whole-health route to their own health journeys that supports a lifestyle change physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Currently, Danny is also building another brand called YoMenGa, a premiere holistic health and wellness dedicated to the everyday man. He believes that through all of his certifications, he would be able to tailor suit programs exclusively for men.

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Danny Stillman Coaching teaches people, especially young professionals, “life concepts” they were never taught or knew existed that will help them make important decisions in their career, relationships, and future aspirations.

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