Optherium Labs Receives Funding From IRETH

Security Experts Push Industry Bounds with Blockchain-Based Neobank Service Investment.

New York, NY – The FinTech experts at Optherium Labs reached another milestone in their efforts to revolutionize neobanking with blockchain, receiving pre-series A investment from the security experts in Italy-based IRETH. Announced on September 1st, 2021, this investment forms a strong relationship between two firms leading the way towards secure financial service delivery.

Optherium Labs, operating under the Omnibek AG umbrella, provides Saas services for large financial institutions, enterprises, and startups looking to capitalize on changing consumer sentiment regarding digital banking. Their blockchain-based infrastructure brings a new level of security to the delivery of financial services at a time where data breaches and fraud are top concerns amongst consumers. IRETH, who themselves specialize in the development and delivery of secure authentication and transactions, delivered the following statement regarding the investment in OMNIBEK’s FinTech platform:

“Together OMNIBEK and IRETH can offer a more complete and secure [neobanking] platform, thanks to their infrastructure as a service technology, enriched with advanced authentication and anti-fraud functionalities.”

The investment comes on the heels of an in-depth consumer survey conducted by Optherium Labs and a business partner that finds there is increasing interest amongst the public for digital-only banking services. The survey also shows that consumers are interested in developing financial relationships with non-bank institutions. With over 90% of consumers having at least one significant financial relationship with a large enterprise, and the average consumer having nearly a dozen, this partnership aims to provide companies with the security necessary to tap into an expanding client base.

Considering the enhanced features that the Optherium platform provides, they are well positioned to take advantage of this expanding market through the use of their innovative solutions:

• A white-label neobank platform offering customizable financial services

• An automated Regtech platform that streamlines onboarding and administrative processes

• Datavault storage that utilizes multi-decentralized ledgers for military-level security

• Biometric logins that remove the need for insecure password credentials

About Optherium Labs

Optherium Labs is a blockchain-based FinTech service created under parent company OMNIBEK. The Saas solution is tailored towards incumbent financial institutions, large enterprises, and capital-infused startups, helping them take advantage of digital-only banking’s increasing popularity. Optherium Labs headquarters is located in New York city, while R&D occurs in Tallinn, Estonia.

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