Germozap Explains Why Disinfectant Sprays Don’t Kill Viruses in the Air

Top Sanitizer Company Germozap Shares Why Sprays Can’t Sanitize Air of Dangerous Bacteria and Viruses and What to Use Instead.

Typically, when we want to sanitize air, we reach for a can of disinfectant spray.

But did you know that disinfectant sprays are not made to sanitize air?

In order to sanitize air, particles from sprays and foggers would have to stay suspended in the air for more than 5 minutes.

In fact, according to a major disinfectant spray manufacturer’s website, sprays are meant to be sprayed on surfaces and wiped with a cloth. They were never meant for air.

So, if disinfectant sprays can’t sanitize air, what else is there?

UV light sanitizers have been trusted by hospitals for many decades to sanitize their spaces. It’s even used to sterilize drinking water and treat raw sewage.

UVC is a ray of light produced by the sun like UVA and UVB. Thankfully UVC is blocked by our atmosphere. Otherwise, life could not exist on Earth because UVC is deadly to all bacteria and viruses regardless of mutation because it scrambles the germ’s DNA causing it to die.

A UV sterilizer can disinfect both air and surfaces (including objects) and is easy and safe when used properly. There are UVC room sanitizer lamps and UV air purifiers.

UVC Room Sanitizer Lamps: These can be used to deeply sanitize air, surfaces and objects when people and animals are not in the room. This is because UVC light can cause skin damage (much like the sun) and can also damage eyes causing burns and cataracts.

But taking proper precautions, a UVC sanitizer lamp is super easy and safe to use. Just plug it in, leave the room and use the remote to turn it on and set the timer. The lamp will disinfect everything the light reaches including air, surfaces and objects.

The stronger the UVC bulb, the greater the disinfection, so it’s important to consider the strength of the sanitizer lamp and buy the strongest one possible.

UV Air Purifiers: These can be used 24-7 with people and animals around because the UVC light is fully contained inside, so humans and animals are not directly exposed. But because the light does not hit surfaces in the room, these are meant to sanitize air only.

The contaminated air is sucked in, run over the filters and UVC bulbs and sanitized air is returned to the room. Combined with a HEPA, carbon and cold catalyst filter, UVC air purifiers deliver a knockout punch for airborne viruses.

These UV air purifiers are perfect for home, office, schools, salons, medical offices, and anywhere people are breathing in confined spaces.

“Frankly, I can’t imagine why anyone would buy an air purifier without UVC light when UVC purifiers cost the same or less than ones without.” said Karen Wagner.

Germozap makes sterilizing air easy with the strongest UV sanitizers on the market.

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