Hollywood Hero Shares How American Seniors Can Protect Their Retirement

Apart from the economic challenges posed by the global health crisis, the declining value of the US dollar and rising inflation have pushed Americans to struggle to save for retirement. Now this famous actor reveals the best way to hedge against inflation.

With the festering retirement crisis in America buoyed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood superstar, American martial artist, and military veteran Chuck Norris reveals how American seniors can protect their retirement. 

Apart from the economic challenges posed by the global health crisis, the political unpredictability in Washington, along with rising national debt and rising inflation, have pushed Americans to struggle to save for retirement.  

This is where gold comes into the picture as crucial protection against inflation, as revealed in Chuck’s new report “American Retirement: Wealth & Freedom In Your Golden Years”, currently available for free download.  

Inside the report Chuck recommends that seniors move money into gold as a good hedge against a bad economy to protect their financial portfolio against stock market crashing and deflation.

In fact, more seniors are looking at traditional safe-haven assets like gold to protect their retirement. 

For example, during the ’70s, reports reveal that both gold and silver grew at annualized rates of more than 30% for the decade, while inflation peaked at 11%. 

With the end of the pandemic nowhere in sight with COVID-19 variants now sweeping the globe amid extensive vaccination efforts, Chuck’s report advises seniors to reassess their portfolios and rethink their strategies.

Experts have expressed confidence that gold will demonstrate a similar performance with the 1970s as economists see inflation rising over the next few years. 

“American Retirement” shows that Seniors adding precious metals to their investment portfolios would be able to protect and defend the value of their hard-earned savings and investments. 

Chuck, who offers an American Retirement Kit for free, says seniors have to learn the benefits of buying gold and silver and protecting an IRA, 401(k), TSP, or pension account assets with precious metals. 

“American Retirement” is published in collaboration with Goldco, who has a long-standing reputation for excellent customer service, precious metals education, and resources, as well as high ethical standards, has positioned the company as an industry leader. 

Goldco was named the #1 IRA provider by INC. Magazine for its solid reputation stemming from thousands of 5-star customer reviews.

Founded in 2006, Goldco is a privately held company in Los Angeles. It offers customers who are interested in diversifying their retirement portfolios the chance to open precious metals retirement accounts.

Those who want to learn more about protecting retirement savings through a portfolio protector that has a multi-millennium record in the safe haven may download “American Retirement” by Chuck Norris for free by visiting this website for more information.

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