MOOKA’s Air Purifying Devices Become Much-Loved Urban Household Health Gadgets

Everyone is getting ready for a fresher autumn with MOOKA’s premium air purifiers and humidifiers. The company has a growing reputation for manufacturing the most high-grade purifying devices in the industry. It is no wonder that their products are popular in many households.

MOOKA Air Purifier EPI810 uses the true HEPA technology 3 stages of filtration that help remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, ragweed, and other allergens like viruses, germs, dust mites, mold spores, and tobacco smoke. With a round design, the powerful duct system draws in more air 360 °, making it suitable for rooms with large volumes of air to purify odors that need to be removed quickly.

At 20 cu ft / min, this air purifier provides coverage for spaces up to 6 m³. The performance of an air purifier is determined by the ratio of the clean air output. A higher CFM output ensures higher purification efficiency of the air purifier. With a noise lower than 60 dB, the silent air purifier sanitizes the air for easy breathing and restful sleep.

MOOKA True HEPA+ Air Purifier GL-FS32’s 6D Filtration System might be the most versatile air purifier you’ve ever seen. Equipped with a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, VOC absorbing particles, a UV light sterilizer, and a negative ion generator, this air purifier can clean the air in a room in six different dimensions. 

This Large Room Air Purifier is capable of cleaning a 1,350 square foot room in just one hour. It is also ideal for smaller rooms where it cleans the air multiple times and is more sensitive to changes in air quality. No matter in a bedroom, office, living room, or an entire home, it works flawlessly. Its automatic mode and sensor work well with a built-in smoke and odor sensor. 

When set to the automatic mode, the fan speed regulates according to the intensity of air quality in the room. In case someone lights a cigarette or is cooking, the device will get ready to eliminate the smell and smoke faster.

The MOOKA Cool Mist Humidifier APJ-617 uses a built-in humidity sensor that detects the humidity in the room and adjusts the mist production to preserve the desired humidity level of 45% to 90%. Top fill design of this humidifier reduces the task of cleaning and refilling it. 

The core of this Mooka humidifier is a high-efficiency ultrasonic atomizer that works 2.4 million cycles per second, allowing it to create ultra-fine mist that diffuses easily and is good for breathing. The standard operating noise of the device is as low as 28 dB. 

Since the beginning, Mooka has been manufacturing devices that change ordinary living using air purifiers and technology, making the air at home cleaner, healthier, and safer. Fused with their humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and vacuum packing solutions, Mooka endeavors to keep the air clean and enhanced for healthier living.

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