New bilingual educational song “Let it be called Castilian – Debe llamarse castellano” by Allan Tépper and María Esnoz now available online

Allan Tépper has teamed up with María Esnoz for a new interesting bilingual educational song project that comes in both Castilian and English languages.

Coral Gables, Florida – September 16, 2021 – Award-winning broadcaster and podcaster Allan Tépper is pleased to announce the release of his first bilingual educational song project in collaboration with popular Spaniard star singer María Esnoz. Titled “Let it be called Castilian — Debe llamarse castellano”, the song makes a parody of a now debunked coverup on the most widespread of all official Spanish languages, all of which have their own unique names.

As of now, the song is exclusively available on Allan Tépper’s online radio shows and podcasts CapicúaFM and BeyondPodcasting. On September 22, 2021, the song is slated to be made available for free via CC (Creative Commons) Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0). Media outlets interested to play the track in radio, podcasts, or TV shows may request the uncompressed WAV file and/or the audiogram version of the song using this linked form

“Let it be called Castilian — Debe llamarse castellano” has been written and produced by Allan Tépper. The song also features the mesmerizing voice of María Esnoz. Both the singers hold a background in language and/or linguistics which brings a special edge to the song altogether. While Allan is a famous language activist, María Esnoz boasts a degree in linguistics from the esteemed Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).  

(In Frame: Allan Tépper)

“We are excited to announce that we have recently released our much-awaited bilingual educational song project, ‘Let it be called Castilian — Debe llamarse castellano’, this month. It is currently available on my radio shows and podcasts and will be available for other media outlets shortly. We have designed the song to be bilingual to widen its reach among non-Castilian speaking people. After Castilian, English is the most spoken language in the world and we believe the English version will be able to take our song to the masses and let people know many interesting facts about the Castilian language”, stated Allan. 

“It was amazing to work with María Esnoz. I have always been a fan of her voice and I am deeply grateful to have her on the production team for ‘Let it be called Castilian — Debe llamarse castellano’.” 

Interestingly, the production of the song took place in three different locations. Allan wrote the lyrics and recorded his sections in Coral Gables/Miami, Florida, while María recorded her performance in Madrid, Spain. Allan is also the editor of the song; after editing, sound engineer Chris Curran performed the final mix and mastering for the track in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

“It was great to work with Chris Curran as well. He comes with a wealth of experience in the field of mixing and mastering music and I am hoping to work on more projects with him in future.” 

About Allan Tépper 

Currently based in Miami, Florida, Allan Tépper is an award-winning broadcaster & podcaster. A multi-talented personality, he is also a multi-title author, tech journalist, translator, bilingual consultant, and language activist. Allan started his career in professional video in the 80s and currently is the host of Capicú, the popular on-demand radio and podcast channel in Castilian language. As a renowned media personality, Allan is one of the most sought-after guests today for radio and TV shows on several South Florida, Guatemalan, Spanish and Venezuelan radio and TV stations.  

In 1994, Allan founded his video consulting company, Via TecnoTur. Based in Florida, the leading video consulting company offers consulting to both end-users and manufacturers. Over the years, Allan has given several  video tech seminars in South Florida’s top universities and training centers, as well as in 6 Latin American countries, Canada and Spain, in their native language. 

Allan is also a certified ATA translator and has translated as well as localized a good number of catalogs, advertisements, tech manuals, and software for the Latin American nations, Spain, and Canada. 

About María Esnoz

María Esnoz is a popular voice-over artist and singer who has earned great applause and rave reviews for her works in much-loved children’s songs, such as “Little Baby Bum”. She holds a degree in linguistics from the elite Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and is an experienced translator of  the Castilian language. “Let it be called Castilian — Debe llamarse castellano” is María’s first musical project with famous broadcaster Allan Tépper. However, she has previously worked in Allan’s radio/podcast show for promos, commercial spots, and stingers.

About Chris Curran

Chris Curran is a sound engineer with extensive experience in mixing and mastering music compositions. As an engineer, assistant engineer, and producer, he has worked with several elite music recording studios and also with a good lot of famous artists, such as Sarah McLachlan, MC Hammer, Quicksand, and so on. 

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