Traferium: All-in-One Data Migration & Code Conversion

Traferium: All-in-One Data Migration & Code Conversion
Moving your data to the cloud requires experience and the right tools. NewWave has both.

Why Migrate?

There are many excellent reasons to migrate a data warehouse from a traditional database management system, such as Oracle, to a cloud-based data warehouse solution, such as Snowflake. Some of these reasons are reduced hardware maintenance, improved performance for large data processing, and the ability to scale out.

Technology Differences

However, migrating from Oracle to Snowflake is not a simple process, or a straight line. Modern data warehouses, like Snowflake, are engineered differently from the ground up to support business intelligence and analytic workloads. This engineering brings a unique set of challenges.

Migration Challenges

These challenges often require that application and data be re-engineered. For example:

  • Database vendors, such as Oracle, have adapted the SQL language to include specific key words and functions that are specific to their product. Oracle’s SQL language is referred to as ‘PL/SQL’ and Microsoft’s is called ‘Transact-SQL.’ Scripts and stored procedures that make heavy use of those specific key words and functions must be written.
  • Database vendor-specific Objects might not be support in new platforms – certain features, like stored procedures and sequences, are not supported and must be re-written.
  • OLAP Cube Services are not supported, as they are not needed. You can just write the query and add sufficient compute resources, as required for performance.  

Traferium as a Cloud Migration Solution

This is where NewWave’s Traferium steps in to address those migration pain points. Traferium is an all-in-one data migration and code conversion product. It migrates your tables, data and much more than that. It extends beyond existing data and schema migration tools to support migration of stored procedures, functions and will convert the PL/SQL scripts to a format that can be utilized in Snowflake.

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