Prosper Digital TV Announces New Partnerships To Expand Studio Spaces And Offerings

Live Streaming, Augmented Reality, Digital Content Production Enhanced By New Partnerships, Spurring Opportunities, Growth

Prosper Digital TV announced today that it has partnered with two New York studios, with advanced spaces and production capabilities, allowing the company to continue its growth and expand its offerings to clients in 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to change. Prosper Digital TV is no exception. During this period, the Brooklyn-based video production and marketing company also found new opportunities, creative outlets for its clients and advanced ways to communicate.

“Like everyone else, we had to find work-arounds, and we did things virtually that we used to do in person,” said Joanes Prosper, CEO and creative director of Prosper Digital. “What we discovered is that we had the opportunity to push the boundaries of our creativity and our technology, and by approaching the work differently, we could do amazing things. And that prompted our collaboration to strengthen and bolster our services.”

The Prosper digital team has been working at the new spaces since early June — in partnership with Buttons NY and Six+One Studios. Buttons NY is a global sound and post-finishing production facility with noted expertise in sound and color-finishing for commercials, film and television. Six+One is a purpose-driven marketing and advertising agency with an in-house production studio focused on photography, television and film.

“We have always been a company that seeks and cultivates true partnerships,” Prosper said. “In Buttons NY and Six+One Studios, we have found just the right mix of skills and a shared vision of how we can work together to expand our live-streaming, production, audio and podcasting services. There is a lot of excitement about the future and our advanced capabilities together.”

Prosper Digital TV, founded by Prosper in 2012 as a one-man operation, now has a creative team of consultants that include video directors, producers, editors, live-stream experts, writers and marketing professionals.

Prosper credits the growth of the company to a focus on storytelling and finding a sense of purpose in projects, no matter the context, and using that to create compelling narratives that create real affinity and engagement. He also said the diversity of the Prosper Digital team, with contractors in multiple states and several countries, gives the firm a perspective that enhances its work.

“Some things changed in the pandemic and might return to normal, but many things will never be the same, and that change and opportunity excites us,” he said. “We have learned a great deal, and with these new spaces, and enhanced technological capabilities, we’re excited to put this approach to work for our clients.”

Prosper Digital TV Company Overview

Prosper Digital TV is an award-winning video production and marketing company that partners with purpose-driven agencies and corporations to help them offer impactful messages to their audiences across diverse mediums and platforms. With a focus on commercials, live-streaming events, branded shorts, documentaries, film and television projects and other creative content, the company leverages the power of video to bring stories to life. 

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