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Pitra Dosh is typically a type of defect that has some kind of relationship with the ancestors. In case the defect is formed on one’s horoscope, it means that their pitras are themselves cursed. Thus, Pitra Dosh is an inheritance of the karmic debt of the family, and individuals need to accept it. Unlike money or wealth, one cannot refuse this type of defect. To know more about Pitra Dosh cures, clients can consider contacting The platform normally guides its readers on various remedies such as gemstones, yantras, and poojas which help reduce the impact of Pitra Dosh.

Speaking on how to calculate the strength of Pitra Dosh, the company spokesperson said, “The strength of Pitra Dosh is usually calculated through the placement of the planets involved in the formation of this defect; in various houses, navamshas, signs, and many more. Later, the field of impact of Pitra Dosh is calculated through the placement of this defect in several houses of horoscope. Moreover, the timing of impact is calculated with the help of various planetary periods of the planets involved in the formation of Pitra Dosh. By carrying out all these calculations, individuals can know the type of Pitra Dosh formed in a particular horoscope, its net strength, and many more.”

Vedic astrology is among the oldest faiths of its kind. It generally deals with planets and features various astrological entities such as zodiac signs, horoscope, nakshatras, divisional charts, and many more. Those wondering where to find Vedic astrology predictions can consider visiting The platform was founded by Mr. Himanshu Shangari, a top-rated Vedic astrologer and spiritual researcher. He is an expert in various subfields of Vedic astrology, such as gemology, numerology, graphology, and many more. Thus, clients can rest assured of getting helpful information on the platform.

About offers a wide range of astrological information and consultation services. With the platform, readers can get a deep understanding of Vedic astrology and relief from several life problems. Those looking for Indian astrology predictions can consider visiting the platform.

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