BOC Sciences Builds a More Complete One-stop Solution Platform for Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Drug Development

BOC Sciences recently announced that it has built a more comprehensive one-stop solution platform for antibody drug conjugate (ADC) development.

New York, USA – September 17, 2021 – BOC Sciences, the leading pharmaceutical raw material supplier focusing on bioconjugation, recently announced that it has built a more comprehensive one-stop solution platform for antibody drug conjugate (ADC) development.

Since its establishment, BOC Sciences has been cooperating with companies and academic groups around the world, including most of the top biopharmaceutical companies, to support their development and manufacturing of antibody-drug conjugates. Its comprehensive products and R&D solutions promote drug discovery and biomedical research of pharmaceutical companies and researchers.

With its state-of-the-art equipment and unique R&D expertise, BOC Sciences can provide personalized antibody modification and coupling technologies with high specificity and high affinity within a short turnaround time. The strategies for antibody modification and conjugation include cysteine conjugate, lysine-based binding, carbohydrate conjugate, unnatural amino acids conjugation and other conjugation approaches.

As a well-known company at home and abroad, BOC Sciences has a team of chemical engineers and analysts with Ph.D. or M.S. degrees in organic and medicinal chemistry. This experienced team is devoted to the development and manufacture of high-quality antibody-drug conjugates. Integrating its antibody-drug conjugate services, BOC Sciences offers comprehensive one-stop ADC research and evaluation services.

ADC Payloads Development

BOC Sciences’s ADC manufacturing platform provides various effective payloads with a scale from mg to g in Lab and kg in GMP production. The payloads can produce microtubule inhibitors (MMAE, MMAF, DM-1, DM-4), DNA intercalators (PBDs, Doxorubicin, Deruxtecan, Duocarmycin), DNA cleavers (Calicheamicin) and RNA polymerase inhibitor (a-amanitin).

ADC Analysis and Characterization

The one-stop system from BOC Sciences for the analysis and determination of antibody-conjugated drugs is divided into three modules, which respectively measure the structural characterization, drug effect, and drug impurities of antibody-conjugated drugs, ensuring a comprehensive system analysis and evaluation of ADC structures and drug effects. The detailed experimental steps, related MS parameters, the original data and ADCs analysis results are also available.

ADC Linker Development

BOC Sciences offers flexible ADC linker product suites and biocoupling services at competitive prices. The large-scale (kg) linkers are synthesized based on GMP with a scale from milligram to gram in Lab. The linkers include but are not limited to non-cleavable linkers (SMCC, MC, NHS, PEG and Alkyl) and cleavable linkers (Acid-liable, protease cleavable and GSH sensitive).

ADC Manufacture

Equipped with GMP and ISO-certified contract manufacturing facilities, BOC Sciences’s custom GMP-grade antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) manufacturing service can meet clinical and commercial development needs. The ADC manufacturing solutions include GMP chemical manufacturing and ADC coupling, purification, and filling.

ADC Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugations

As a manufacturer with extensive experience in ADC conjugation and process amplification, BOC Sciences can supply mature linker and cytotoxic technology and accurately control the ADC coupling process in a GMP environment with complete QA/QC supervision. The extensive collection of linkers, payloads and payload-linker is prepared with high quality and low cost.

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About BOC Sciences

Years of successful operations in the pharmaceutical industry have enabled BOC Sciences to provide a complete range of antibody-drug conjugate services. It supplies customers with comprehensive one-stop services for all aspects of ADC research and evaluation, from antibody modification and coupling technology, ADC payload development, payload connector synthesis, ADC coupling to ADC characterization and manufacturing.

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