Complete One Successful Year Of Delivering Reliable Information About Vegan Lifestyle is a trustworthy platform and solution space for anyone who wants to lead a conscious, kinder, and healthier vegan lifestyle.

Veganism has several merits, ranging from enhanced health to decreased food expenditures to good environmental effects. A vegan lifestyle results in a cruelty-free view on life. A vegan diet promotes cleanliness – a clean conscience, a clean taste, and a clean sensation in the body. Does going vegan requires spending loads of time in the kitchen? Absolutely not. One can choose from a fantastic assortment of instant and near-instant vegan options. Therefore, a platform with the proper recommendations of vegan products and services became vital. is a one-stop site for making the vegan lifestyle possible. A vegan lifestyle keeps getting easier the longer one sticks with it. To make this possible, the platform provides more than 400 sources, reliable information, and in-depth guides all about the vegan lifestyle and places where vegan food is available. People’s options for interesting vegan meals will grow dramatically as they discover new vegan dishes at different places on a regular basis.

While no diet will ensure a long healthy life, turning vegan may increase one’s chances. This is mostly due to the fact that a vegan diet removes a number of unhealthy foods. To promote a vegan lifestyle, they aim to shift consumer behavior through their authentic, original, and ground-breaking content about vegan. Recognizing the rise of interest in veganism and the lack of readily available information about it, is dedicated to filling the gap in the market by providing engaging, accessible, and informative content for vegans and the vegan-curious for one year. The platform has opened the eyes and minds of people with 400 sources, enabling them to live a healthier and guilt-free lifestyle. was formed in 2020 by two food enthusiasts that became acquainted with the vegan lifestyle a couple of years ago. When asked about the founding mission of the platform, the team unfolded, “We understand the common challenges of the vegan lifestyle and want to provide the best information available to help you live a life that is in line with your core values. It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently chosen to become vegan or if you’ve been vegan for a long; what unites us is the belief that there is an alternative to the conventional mainstream. We all have a commitment to do better, and our purpose is to assist you in becoming a better version of yourself.” is a purely evidence-based resource for those wanting to learn more about the vegan diet at different restaurants. Publishing posts about any business that offers vegan food, whether or not they are a fundamentally vegan company, helps increase awareness and demand, thus pushing the vegan movement forward.

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