With Early and Effective Treatment Retinoblastoma in Children Can Have a 96% Success Rate

Retinoblastoma is a rare childhood cancer of the eye that occurs in approximately only 4% of children.  The average age of onset is under 5 years of age, and if detected early enough can have an enormously successful cure rate.  If detection is not made and proper diagnosis applied, blindness can occur, and this cancer can metastasize and spread to other bodily organs.  Most cases can involve both eyes. When one eye is only affected, diagnosis can be delayed as the problem is not that noticeable. 

Early signs of retinoblastoma cancer in children are squinting, eye redness, white cloudiness to the eye, and of course, poor vision.   This cancer can also affect the development of a child as vision is important in developing properly.  If any of the above problems are noticed by parents it is imperative to consult a pediatrician immediately, and diagnosis tools can include an ultrasound.  Children are resilient and might not have pain with this condition or if they do will not complain of it. 

Because retinoblastoma is retinal cancer the traditional methods of chemotherapy may not work.  These methods of introducing chemotherapy through intravenous lines have not proven greatly effective.   Injecting chemotherapy directly into the retina can sometimes cause this cancer to go into remission but that remission rate is not always successful either. The team of physicians and oncologists at Sant Joan de Deu Children’s Hospital, have developed a virus injection that is proving effective in battling resistant retinoblastoma in children. 

An oncolytic virus, which was developed after five years of research by San Joan de Deu is proving to be effective in bringing this cancer in children into remission.  It is reserved, however, for children who do not respond to the traditional types of treatment.  Like all cancers, no matter what treatment is used, retinoblastoma in children can reoccur and other cancers can erupt later in life around the affected eye or eyes so follow-up is a lifetime process. 

All treatments for any type of cancer, including retinoblastoma in children do require constant vigilance, and only the best specialists should be chosen for treatment.  Because each treatment and the condition itself has consequences, practices such as Sant Joan de DeuChildren’s Hospital should be consulted before beginning any course of treatment. 

The stakes are high in retinoblastoma in children, and the best care should be sought by parents no matter where they reside.  Sant Joan de Deu Children’s Hospital welcomes patients globally so a consultation with this practice can lead to better results and possibly fewer unwanted side effects.  A child’s eyesight is precious and cancer of the retina should never be ignored. 

Sant Joan de Deu, located along the boarder of Spain, is affiliated with the larger network of Medical Solutions of Barcelona, Spain.  The hospital of Sant Joan is engaged in research and application of treatments of retinoblastoma in children, with a new viral oncology treatment that is proving effective for resistant cases.  One or more consultations may be necessary and a patient’s medical history will be needed to construct a treatment plan. 

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