Release of Smart IoT Home CCTV EGLOO CAM S4 Equipped with Various Functions

EGLOO CAM S4 is a home CCTV system manufactured and developed directly by EGLOO, providing 1080P clear picture quality, a wide 142-degree angle of view, and 360-degree pan/tilt function. Unlike indoor cameras on the market, it has been developed for people to enjoy a smart home life with just one EGLOO CAM S4 by combining various smart IoT functions rather than just for CCTV monitoring. In addition to the basic camera functions, EGLOO CAM S4 is equipped with a smart remote-control function that allows to remotely control home appliances and a temperature/humidity sensor, and it even has a function to check through the app in real-time the temperature/humidity of the place where the camera is installed, providing added convenience.

Since 2005, TRUEN, the manufacturer of EGLOO CAM, has created a convenient security CCTV environment by providing high-quality and specialized digital security system solutions based on its technology and know-how in the field of network security systems, having won the IP Solution Grand Prize and the Video Security SI Solution Grand Prize at the Security Awards Korea in 2018 and 2019. Based on these achievements, EGLOO CAM S4 was released in June 2021 and quickly established itself as a product that can satisfy all the needs of the target consumer group.

EGLOO CAM S4, scheduled to go on sale in September, can be purchased at a reasonable price on

The main features of EGLOO CAM S4 products are as follow, and more detailed product information can be found on the website (

• Wide Angle of View: It offers 142° wide-angle and 360° Pan/Tilt movement.

• Smart remote controller: It is possible to remotely control home appliances with a remote control by adding them to the EGLOO app. For example, in the hot summer or cold winter, controlling the air conditioning and heating devices from outside the house using the app right before returning home to settle the interior of the house to a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive is possible. 

• Temperature/humidity monitoring: The temperature/humidity sensor installed in the EGLOO CAM S4 allows the user to notice the temperature and humidity of the location where the camera is installed, and the smart remote-control function mentioned above allows to control home appliances after checking the temperature/humidity setting.

• Auto Tracking: It includes a function to detect movement on the camera screen, allowing it to capture images of people/animals while following their movement.

• Preset: Since it is based on the concept of coordinates, it is possible to memorize a specific position and move to the desired position just by pushing a button, which is a convenient function to use when monitoring the camera image and controlling it using the smart remote control.

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