Las Vegas entrepreneur introduces innovative FDA-cleared anti-snoring mouthpiece, now available on Amazon

Snore Bandit is a patented and FDA-510k cleared custom-fit anti-snoring solution that has proven to successfully resolve snoring issues.

Las Vegas, Nevada – September 17, 2021 – Forget wasting money in traditional snoring remedies that can barely provide any functional solution. A Las Vegas-based entrepreneur, Garry Thynne, is all set to revolutionize the snoring remedy scene with his innovative FDA-cleared custom anti-snoring mouthpiece. Snore Bandit, as it is called, has proven to stop snoring successfully, enabling users to enjoy a restful sleep and also better health over the course of time. The patented product is currently available for sale on Amazon.

Snore Bandit is made from premium quality medical-grade material. It assures a custom fit for every user and the fitting can be done easily in the comfort of home 

In an exclusive interview, Garry shared he used to suffer from loud snoring and consequently poor sleep issues for decades. From regular snoring remedies like CPAP machines to oral/dental appliances to mouthguards, he had tried almost everything available to stop snoring but with no results. He even had two surgeries that too failed to provide any successful results. Garry decided to develop his own anti-snore device that can actually resolve the snoring menace- and thus, Snore Bandit was born. 

“I have suffered from a snoring issue for years and I know how disturbing it could be. I took to almost every possible remedy out there but none of them could resolve the problem. I used to feel bad for my wife as well since my snoring problems used to hamper her sleep too. Finally, I took it upon myself to design my own anti-snoring solution. After extensive research, I was finally capable of coming up with the best snoring remedy solution in the market today and now I want to take it to all of you”, stated Garry. 

Snore Bandit works by moving the lower jaw slightly forward and keeping the mouth gently open. The mechanism helps to keep the airways open to facilitate easy breathing for users which consequently prevents snoring problems. 

“Snore Bandit helped me in ways that no other existing anti-snoring device could. Our innovative anti-snoring device is strategically designed to keep the airways open so that the user can breathe freely through their mouth and nose. It helps to stop snoring and ensures a peaceful sleep. Snore Bandit has successfully helped many others eliminate their snoring issues, improving their sleep and boosting up their energy levels. My wife is happy too and we enjoy a restful sleep every night now.” 

Top features of Snore Bandit:

  • Proven highly effective anti-snoring aid
  • Patented and FDA-cleared product
  • Made with premier medical-grade material
  • Professional all-in-one custom-fit anti-snoring solution
  • Effectively fights sleep apnea issues

“Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Snore Bandit assures you a quiet restful sleep every night so that you can wake up with renewed energy every morning.” 

Snore Bandit is an OTC product and does not require prescription for purchase. For more details, please go to Amazon 

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