God And Science – A Road Map To Miracles Using Psych-K® by Linda Gauthier

Miraculous achievements made possible by PSYCH-K®

Redondo Beach, California – The universe operates from an invisible yet all powerful electromagnetic force. This book introduces a way to harness this energy to create your best life. 

For thousands of years we have been told that our power is in our mind. This was written in the Emerald Tablets 36,000 years BC. It was taught by Jesus, Buddha and all the avatars. It is now being validated in scientific laboratories. Our power is in our mind.

A quantum physicist can run an experiment that is not being observed and get one outcome.  He can duplicate the experiment and the results will change when the experiment is being observed. His mind, intent and energy affect the experiment. 

When we accept the premise that our mind is powerful, we begin using positive thinking, affirmations and will power. Why isn’t this working? We begin to blame ourselves. We think; we must be doing something wrong, we must have missed a step, or maybe we don’t have enough will power. 

No, it isn’t that we are doing something wrong. It’s that we are using the wrong part of our mind. We are using our conscious mind.  In order to make sustainable changes we need to use our subconscious mind. 

Up until now we have not been able to communicate with our subconscious mind. Using PSYCH-K® we can tap into our subconscious mind and find the beliefs that are holding up back, making us sick and causing us to repeat painful patterns. We are able to replace these beliefs with new beliefs that create health, wealth, loving relationships and joy.

Everything is energy. And our energy ripples out into the world. We are all connected to, and interdependent upon each other.  We are connected to all living things. When we raise our vibration, we raise the vibration of the world. We are in a time when we can accelerate our human potential beyond anything we have ever imagined.

The author of the book is Linda Gauthier. Linda was orphaned at the age of four. She had three sets of parents by the time she was ten.  Due to all the death and abandonment she experienced in her childhood she began her spiritual seeking at an early age.

She has traveled the world, built an insurance agency, and raised two daughters. She is an artist, author, private pilot and PSYCH-K® facilitator.

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