RMB 15.02 Million Bonus – The Second Global Solicitation for Featured Towns and West Sichuan Linpan Rural Residence Complexes

On September 17, 2021, a press conference on the second global solicitation for proposals for construction design and planning of Chengdu’s featured towns and for the conservation and restoration of the west Sichuan Linpan rural residence complexes was held in Chengdu. It was organized jointly by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources and the Chengdu Agricultural and Rural Bureau.

Previously, in the first successful global solicitation, a number of excellent design proposals integrating a Chengdu style with an international vision were collected. These proposals raised the bar for Chengdu’s rural revitalization strategy and promoted the implementation of relevant high-quality industrial projects in various districts, cities, and counties. Based on the successful experience acquired from the first solicitation, the planning and design proposals for Chengdu’s featured towns, as well as for the unique west Sichuan Linpan rural residence complexes, will be solicited worldwide once again.

“Professional Group + Public Group” Solicitation Mode Is Adopted for 17 Well-chosen Projects

Adhering to the principles of investor ownership, planned support, guaranteed land rights, and resource endowments, for this second solicitation 2 featured towns and 15 west Sichuan Linpan rural residence complexes were selected as the solicitation objects from the “Featured Towns List” and “Featured Towns Construction List.” This was determined by the Sichuan Provincial Government and the west Sichuan Linpan rural residence complexes reported by district-level (municipal) and county-level governments after expert recommendations and field surveys. Adopting the same mode as the first solicitation, participants will be divided into two categories, namely professional and public groups, to solicit planning and design proposals worldwide.

For the professional group, the planning and design institutions with corresponding credentials or certified qualifications are invited to provide proposals for 2 featured towns and 12 west Sichuan Linpan rural residence complexes.

For the public group, 3 west Sichuan Linpan rural residence complexes were selected as the solicitation objects, and a public solicitation mode shall be adopted in accordance with the Standard Rules for International Competition of Architecture and Urban Planning formulated by UNESCO. There is no restriction on the quota and professional qualifications of public-group participants. All legal entities, social groups, and natural persons, or design teams composed of natural persons, with the ability to independently assume civil liability are encouraged to register for participation.

Transformation of Winning Proposals to Implementation Proposals for Ensuring Quality, Promoting Implementation, and Creating Successful Works 

The professional group work team, as introduced, shall focus on the process control of the planning achievements, and shall try to ensure that the proposals integrate international vision, industry standards, regional expression, and implementation attributes through system design.

A multi-level and multi-proposal selection model and expert review process shall be adopted for this solicitation. Senior experts from planning, design, and devising fields at home and abroad will be gathered to make shortlisted selection of participants, re-evaluate the shortlisted institutional proposals, and finally select 6 participants to complete design proposals. Each shortlisted participant shall be required to complete the planning and design proposals for 1 featured town and 6 west Sichuan Linpan rural residence complexes. A review model shall be formed that incorporates multiple design points per institution, multiple proposals per point, and the winning proposal-selection criteria.

Drawing form lessons learned from the creative designs of other solicitation proposals and blending their characteristic highlights in conformance with the opinions of expert committees and local governments, the selected proposal winners shall participate in the improvement of the proposal planning and design together with the implementing owners, village members, and any other pertinent entities to formulate and put forth a project implementation proposal. Additionally, under the leadership of the district-level (municipal) or county-level Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, the project implementation proposal shall be submitted to the Local Planning Commission for deliberation, with relevant information included for national land and space planning, so that the district-level (municipal) and county-level governments can construct a system that guarantees the proper implementation of the planning and design proposals.

With Increased Bonuses and Awards, the Second Solicitation Rewards Your Participation Even More

It is reported that in this solicitation, the winners of the winning proposals selected from the professional group are required to improve and perfect the winning proposals and put forward a subsequent project implementation proposal. Therefore, compared with the first solicitation, the second solicitation has correspondingly increased the bonus amount for winning proposals. Professional participants who submit qualified participating achievements can obtain a design compensation amounting to RMB 1.4 million. Moreover, participants who win can also get bonuses. A winning prize of RMB 1 million is set for each featured town; and for professional participants, a winning prize of RMB 300,000 is set for each Linpan rural residence complex.

The organizers have indicated that the bonus amount set for the public group has been greatly raised and the specific awards are richer and cover a wider range. This measure is intended to attract more college teachers and students, independent studios, enthusiasts, and other diverse entities to participate in this solicitation, and provide more opportunities for Chengdu to explore, cultivate, and introduce talents. Regarding the public group, the second solicitation has set up a first prize with a bonus of RMB 200,000, and 2 second prizes with a bonus of RMB 40,000, as well as 3 third prizes with a bonus of RMB 20,000 for each Linpan rural residence complex. Meanwhile, several participation awards are set up for and can be awarded to any participants who provide qualified planning and design proposals. Award certificates will also be issued for encouragement. According to estimates, the total of all compensation and bonus amounts set for the second solicitation is RMB 15.02 million.

“I sincerely hope that you will actively participate in this solicitation,” the spokesperson for this solicitation said. Invitations have been resent to global concept, planning and design teams and individuals, “to join hands with us to ‘create successful works, make highlight designs, and demonstrate innovative features’, to empower rural revitalization with better aesthetics, to light up a better life through design, and to borrow from nature’s elements — ‘the Minjiang River’s blessed water, lush bamboo forests, fertile fields, and cultural Shu-style charm’ — to paint beauty onto the canvases of our communities. We aim to do all of this, starting from concept all the way through ‘to design and construction’, and maintaining a focus on holistic integration with the environment and adherence to the international vision for growing in wisdom and harmony together”.

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