Justice Ross Of River & Sage Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Their Ageless Facial Oil

Provider of natural skincare solutions, River & Sage, announces the launch of their ageless facial oil on Kickstarter

The team at River & Sage, led by the forward-thinking beauty enthusiast, Justice Ross, has announced the launch of their new product. The Ageless Facial Oil has been launched on Kickstarter, allowing more people in different parts of the world to leverage their hydrating anti-aging formula to look good without exposing themselves to harmful chemicals.

The global beauty industry has undoubtedly witnessed a series of evolution over the years, as more brands emerge to deliver solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of consumers. In a related development, there has been an increase in the demand for natural beauty products. Unfortunately, many of the available beauty companies have not particularly met the needs of customers in terms of quality, comprehensiveness, and relative affordability. However, Justice Ross seems to have other ideas as substantiated by the launch of the River & Sage Ageless Facial Oil.

River and Sage Ageless Facial Oil contains a unique hydrating anti-aging formula, free of preservatives and toxic ingredients. The product is formulated to provide effective hydration and prevent premature skin aging, helping to fade fine lines and sunspots in six to ten weeks. The company offers an unprecedented combination of multiple effective ingredients with droppers containing oil-based vitamin C, bakuchiol, and blue tansy, along with other botanical ingredients.

River and Sage Ageless Facial Oil is particularly unique, offering affordable clean beauty due to its versatility as it can be used alone or in favorite moisturizer, with a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals delivering the groundbreaking project.

River & Sage by Justice Ross can be found on Kickstarter for early birds looking to join the natural beauty movement.

For more information about the Ageless Facial Oil and other products from River & Sage, visit – https://www.riverandsagecosmetics.com/.

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