The 14-Year-Old Teenage Mastermind & Entrepreneur

The 14-Year-Old Teenage Mastermind & Entrepreneur

Frank Bernal, a 14-year old teenager has recently closed over a few hundred thousand in business sales through his mastermind entrepreneurship skills. The new generation visionary entrepreneur owns a personal brand that empowers future entrepreneurs like Frank. With the useful skills to create opportunities for themselves right from their phones. The main aim of Frank’s business teachings is to give them a blueprint to success. So, they can make a great source of online income by smartly using their mobile phone just like he did.

Having an online business is quite beneficial. From hastily increasing one’s brand awareness to gaining targeted customer engagement, doing business through your mobile is the future. Learning how to grab opportunities when it comes to doing business through your mobile can deliver inevitable success. It doesn’t just aid in reaching out to future customers but also enables in building a lasting relationship with them. Their low operating costs, 24/7 availability, better customer support, boundless business reach, feasibility to operate almost anywhere, amongst other countless benefits, will aid opportunists and make a great source of income.

With the aforesaid thoughts in mind, Frank Bernal aims to enlighten futuristic business minds about how to make an incredible online income. He wants to set his successful online income earning capacity as an example for the upcoming opportunists. His favorite quote from Napoleon Hill that inspires him the most is, “Don’t wait! The time will never be just right.” He first came across this quote when he was a child. Since then, there has never been a day in his life when he has not lived by the words of this meaningful quote.

Frank Bernal was just 12 years of age when he first step foot in the world of business. Joining business and making it into something big was his personal desire. By the time Frank was 13 years of age he was closing sales for businesses. The biggest achievement of his teenage business career has been closing over a few hundred thousand in sales for business at just 14 years of age. This event immensely motivated Frank to do something bigger and something much better at his age. He now aims to impart how he did what he did for not just his personal exposure but also the exponential growth of other business opportunists.

Frank has always had faith in himself. He has always been keen on achieving his deepest desires. Be it his struggles, his actions, his wealth, or his thoughts, he is one person who always thinks over his every decision thoroughly. He has always been hungry both for gaining knowledge and also imparting it. He believes in dreaming big but also doing the necessary efforts to achieve his dream. And always has a plan for everything in his life.

In the near future, Frank Bernal plans to take his personal brand to new heights. Once he is 18 years of age, he aims to explore the world of opportunities in the real estate field. And also, has plans for diversifying his income portfolio by utilizing it in numerous avenues of growth opportunities.

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