Ayelet Kaznelson to Take Center Stage as an Actress After Twenty-Year Break

Ayelet Kaznelson to Take Center Stage as an Actress After Twenty-Year Break

When is the right time to pursue one’s dreams? When is it too late to do so? These questions are often at the back of countless people’s minds and will continue to concern many others in the future. From the beginning, children are told to set their sights on a goal and make bold moves toward materializing it into reality as soon as they are able. But the truth remains that not everyone has the privilege or resources to immediately pursue their passions in life as some get chained to nine-to-five jobs they didn’t want for decades, only to get the golden opportunity to chase after their desires years down the road. Ayelet Kaznelson, an ageless actress set to return to the limelight, proves that a path toward the realization of one’s dreams can be carved at any point. 

A lactation consultant, Ayelet Kaznelson has significantly impacted over 10,000 women and their families during her twenty-year practice. This Israel-born International Board Certified professional, who trained at the Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center, is intimately privy to the successes and struggles of motherhood. She eventually brought to the table her in-depth understanding of the matter and extensive experience when she joined The Manhattan Lactation Group. 

At the heart of her endeavors was the mission of lending mothers a hand in navigating the challenging waters of early motherhood and guiding them in the right direction. In the two decades of helping those under her wing, she managed to make the journey of being a new mom easier. With an impressive portfolio attached to her name, Ayelet Kaznelson is now set to come full circle, dipping her toes in the industry she left behind temporarily. 

“I am ready for a change,” announced Ayelet Kaznelson, and the sentiment gives people a glimpse into the fueling force behind her move to take center stage once again as an actress and a model. Highly driven to see her dream of establishing a name in the entertainment and fashion scene come to fruition, the well-respected 56-year-old is looking forward to demonstrating her chops. 

Despite her age, Ayelet Kaznelson feels confident about landing cover pages, strutting down runways, and gracing the screen. Armed with her prior background in the field and her ageless beauty, she is expected to turn heads and capture the interest of viewers worldwide. “I have never done anything to alter my body or face,” she shared. “I want others to know it’s okay to leave our faces and bodies alone as we grow older. When we have wrinkles, it means we have cried and laughed and lived a life.”

By venturing into an industry known for its outrageous expectations of women, Ayelet Kaznelson hopes to set an example for others to follow. She doesn’t only wish to send across the message that it is never too late for women to pursue their passions but also to emphasize the fact that they do not need to alter themselves to fit any mold.

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