Singapore’s Innovation and Technology Venture Fund Becomes Strategic Financial Investor of Geminifxtrade

While blockchain has been around since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, it didn’t gain much attention until recently. Over the last several years, cryptocurrency and blockchain have become a mainstay in the public’s eye. Not only that, but it represents a new frontier in technology similar to that of the internet in the 90s.

Countless blockchain projects have popped in in the hopes of revolutionizing the way industries work. Decentralized Finance or DeFi looks to improve the banking and finance industry by optimizing speed, lowering fees, and improving the many archaic processes in place.

But not all blockchain projects are made equal. Many will fail because they lack support or organizations, and some are just outright scams. That’s where having a smart money manager like GeminiFx can help boost your ROI.

What is GeminiFx?

GeminiFx is a smart money manager that specializes in cryptocurrency, tokens, and projects associated with blockchain. They also utilize more conventional means of investment through FX commodities, stocks, and other crypto assets.

With in-depth knowledge of this newly cultivated technology, GeminiFx knows how to avoid the many scams and money-grabbing projects that come with blockchain and cryptocurrency. GeminiFx balances the volatility of the cryptocurrency market with safer and more traditional investments such as bonds, ETFs, and individual stocks. This allows investors to take advantage of the large upside of blockchain projects while protecting their assets through diversification.

The demand for money managers with expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment is extremely high. Many regard blockchain as the next step in technology, meaning it will be well integrated into the future. This means the potential upside for many blockchain projects is extremely high (think Microsoft before the rise of the PC).

Governments, organizations, and corporations have realized the potential blockchain holds which is why billions of dollars are being poured into the technology. Government agencies like Singapore’s Innovation and Technology Venture Fund see the potential as well and have signed on as a strategic financial investor with GeminiFx.

The reward for investing early in a blockchain startup can be extremely high, but so is the risk. That’s why it’s important to conduct research and ensure your money is being invested in an authentic and well-established company. GeminiFx is here to ensure that happens with thorough analysis and research of up-and-coming cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

So how can you take advantage of the upside to this new technology?

Joining GeminiFx

GeminiFx can help guide you in making sound investments in the wild world of blockchain. With a research and data-driven approach, GeminiFx will help navigate the pitfalls of potential scams or just poorly planned projects. If you’re looking for more traditional investments, GeminiFx can coordinate investing in ETFs, stocks, bonds, and many other options.

With GeminiFx’s expertise, your money can grow and bring a considerable amount of returns. So if you are looking for a smart place to invest your money, look no further than GeminiFx.

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