Kevin Cantwell Basketball Launches Coaching Services to Prep Kids for Collegiate Basketball

For the past 20 years, renowned college coach and recruiter Kevin Cantwell has been helping parents take control of their child’s youth basketball journey.

When it comes to getting their child evaluated by collegiate coaches, most families believe there are only three options: playing on a travel team as early as possible, playing high school basketball, and playing in NCAA Certified Events as well as individual Showcases.

With the number of misconceptions plaguing the grassroots basketball system in America and an overemphasis on playing games to get recruited by college coaches, it’s no surprise that parents take a less active role in their children’s youth basketball journey.

There is, however, much more that they can do to make an impact, simply by following Kevin Cantwell’s tried and tested roadmap.

Getting involved

Parents taking initiative and navigating their path can make all the difference for their children. Rather than wasting time, effort, and resources on things that do not get the results they hope for, Kevin Cantwell’s College Basketball Recruiting Roadmap course empowers them to take control.

Knowing how college coaches locate players is only half the game. Through Cantwell’s course, parents can learn what coaches are looking for, how to show it to them, and when they can remove the stress and uncertainty from the equation to propel the success of their child. Instead of waiting for coaches to find them, parents can target schools that are recruiting for their child’s position and decide on the best path to increase their child’s chances of evaluation.

The Parent’s Guide to Youth Basketball and Beyond

In his quintessential how-to book, parents are offered an invaluable resource. Cantwell breaks down each aspect of the youth basketball experience, from understanding the grassroots basketball system to maximizing a player’s potential, as well as from proper exposure and evaluation to the vital role that parents play in their child’s success.

“Many misconceptions exist about how to get exposure to college coaches and what they are looking for at every level. Kevin’s recruiting experience makes him a must-have resource for any basketball parent,” says Villanova University Head Coach, Jay Wright.

As one of the best evaluators of talent in the industry, Cantwell offers critical insight into maximizing a child’s potential and helping parents create personalized plans, strategies, and how-to tactics that ensure their child does not get left behind. “Kevin is one of the best evaluators of talent in the game. He can tell right away the level a player can play on. Kevin can get kids who are overlooked by college coaches connected to coaches at all levels,” vouches Basketball Coaching Legend, Bobby Cremins.

Learn more about the Recruiting Roadmap Online Course today. Visit to find out how parents can make the most of their child’s youth basketball journey.

About Kevin Cantwell

Kevin was a head coach at Appalachian State University and spent 14 years as Associate Head Coach at Georgia Tech under the legend, Bobby Cremins. In 2001, he left collegiate coaching and shifted to youth basketball, training players from 4th grade to high school. He is a major proponent of creating a youth basketball culture that goes against the myths and misconceptions rooted in the grassroots basketball system in America, championing parental involvement and individual skill training to maximize a player’s development.

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