Leave a Legacy with Haverford Supply Co.’s Personal Care Products for Men

All natural and premium bar soaps and moisturizing lip balms made exclusively for men.

All-natural hygienic products often cater to women’s needs and preferences. But with Haverford Supply Co., every man can feel like one, with natural products that are specifically created for them. From the formulation to its scent, Haverford Supply Co.’s line of personal care products are as natural and as manly as can be.

Launching their variety of all natural products on Amazon, every man can finally get their hands on Haverford Supply Co.’s range of natural soaps and lip balms conveniently by shopping online. Currently, their soaps have four premium scents tailored for men: Lodge (peppermint), Cabin (orange cinnamon), Banjo (sandalwood), and barrel (bay rum). While most commercial soaps have harmful parabens, Haverford Supply Co.’s handcrafted soaps are free from harsh chemicals. In fact, these cold pressed, cruelty-free natural soap bars are made with natural oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter.

Meanwhile, men struggling with dry and chapped lips will find Haverford Supply Co.’s 4-pack natural lip balm as an absolute gamechanger. Their lip balms keep the lips naturally moisturized, helping heal and relieve chapped and cracked lips, especially when experiencing cold temperatures and windburn. Like their soaps, the moisturizing lip balms are also made with 100% natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, as well as a subtle and refreshing peppermint scent.

Those looking for a Father’s day, birthday, or anniversary gift can choose between Haverford Supply Co.’s natural soap bar gift set and premium lip balm care set on Amazon. With Haverford Supply Co., customers can have peace of mind, knowing that the products they are using are handcrafted in the USA and are made only with pure ingredients, without any harsh chemicals.

Founded in 2021 by Jordan McLaughlin, Haverford Supply Co. was born out of Jordan’s frustration with the amount of chemicals present in the personal products he used. So he set out to create a brand that provides men with products made with natural and healthy ingredients. Now, Haverford Supply Co. is a men’s lifestyle brand dedicated to helping men live their best lives through handcrafted soaps and lip balms that are made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

With the motto “Leave a legacy,” Haverford Supply Co. seeks to inspire men from all over the world to become the best version of themselves so that future generations of men will have good role models. They strive to offer products that not only help men look and smell good but also improve their well-being so that they can be a better father, husband, and community member.

For more information about Haverford Supply Co., visit their website at https://www.haverfordsupply.com/.

About Haverford Supply Co.

Haverford Supply Co. is a men’s lifestyle brand dedicated to helping men live their best lives by offering all-natural products made exclusively for them.

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