Habit Building Skills Taught by Life Coach Juli Colotti Help Women Achieve Work Targets and Life Goals

Through cultivating habits and a healthy lifestyle, Juli Colotti has helped her clients transform their lives. She helps professional women ditch bad habits and inculcate good habits. Over 90 days, her clients experience lasting transformation through affirmative action and changes in routines.

According to announcements released by Juli Colotti and Bodies by Colotti & JMC Lifestyle, habit building is the key to effect lasting changes that help people rise above their present states. Over time, bad habits creep into an individual’s lifestyle. These must be consciously weeded out and replaced by good habits. Juli Colotti works with professional women and helps them deal with negativity that can often impact work and life at home even without one realizing it. 

Juli Colotti guides and informs her clients on the best techniques for practicing self-awareness. They learn about the significance of staying busy and alert while training their minds to avoid straying towards overthinking and idle thoughts. Some people and events can trigger negativity that affects one’s health and energy levels. Juli Colotti shares tips and tricks on ignoring such triggers. 

Forming a habit requires effort and patience. Juli Colotti shares insights on directing one’s energies in the right direction, getting sufficient rest, and recovering in time for a new day of work and play. There are many avenues to delve into one’s creative and playful states, and Juli Colotti helps individuals discover what works best for them. It could be music and cooking for one and trekking or reading for another. 

JMC Lifestyle is an ideal fit for professional women who seek career and personal advancement. Life coach Juli Colotti helps them realize the value of a synergistic approach to fitness, routine, and mindset development. With these in place, they can achieve their goals and progress purposefully. The 90-day BULL program by Juli Colotti motivates women to grab life by the horns and progress determinedly to their short- and long-term goals. 

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“My name is Juli Colotti. I own a personal training studio called Bodies by Colotti in Kingston NY. I also am a habit and lifestyle coach with JMC Lifestyle. I have a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, and 2 Master’s, one in Kinesiology and the other in Sport Psychology. I am also a Certified Professional Life Coach. My main goal is to help busy professional women create habits and a routine to live their best life with little to no stress. I focus on one habit at a time, and we focus on goals, not results. We use leap pads to get to our final picture. Along the way, if there are bumps in the road, we navigate around them. We don’t change our plan. We use our clients’ current lives and make them better and less stressful. We are not out to change anyone, only make them better. I have always been into fitness. I worked at a big box gym for five years and was ready for a chance. This was when I opened my studio. Then I saw that the one thing that was missing from my clients were habits to help them be successful. This was when I became a Life coach to help navigate them.”

About the Company:

Juli Colotti runs Bodies by Colotti in Kingston, NY, and is a habit and lifestyle coach with JMC Lifestyle. She helps professional women acquire good, useful habits for personal and professional growth. Her 90-day training program called BULL is aimed at enabling women to unleash their true potential.

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