An exclusive interview with Sarah Fadhlaoui Abdallah, Ounass’s loyal customer

An exclusive interview with Sarah Fadhlaoui Abdallah, Ounass's loyal customer

“An exclusive interview with Sarah Fadhlaoui Abdallah, Ounass’s loyal customer”
Inner light isn’t something that shows up with the newest laser treatment or the hottest must-have serum. Inner light stems from confidence, self-worth, and doing what one love in the best way ever. Women who’ve found their inner light are honored, whether by embracing a newfound passion, discovering the confidence to be their truest self, or helping other women see their own unique beauty.

Nowadays, successful women are more likely involved in the labor market, thus rarely having free time shopping.

Sarah Fadhlaoui Abdallah, a renowned fashion icon, shares her experience with Ounass, the Middle East’s first luxury e-commerce brand, with her audience.


1. As we all know, you are a well-known fashion icon. Would you please tell us more about you and your style?

My name is Sarah Fadhlaoui Abdallah. I am originally from Tunisia, living in Dubai, UAE. I moved here in 2006 in an attempt to become a  well-known content creator, director and producer. I have always imagined life behind my camera lenses. Here, I was able to create an Instagram account called “Dubaiprettyladies”. Actually, I create content to empower women, I do styling show to educate women and learn more about the new trends, I shared my ideas my voice throughout storytelling videos that have values and meanings, I attend a lot of events, and you can say that fashion dwells in me. Still, throughout all these years, I have built my identity, and I can portray the best looks.

2. How it feels to be an entrepreneur and a mother at the same time?

I know that I have dedicated my time and efforts to enhance my imagination and creativity so that I can be seen as an entrepreneur and fashion icon at the same time, and I was able to do by the help of my supportive husband and kids too, everything I do today is because of them. Besides, it gives me a sense of power to be a mother fighting to become what I want to be.

3. How is your relation with shopping?

Is being an entrepreneur demanding to the extent that you don’t do your shopping by yourself?

Actually, I have no time to go shopping by myself. The fashion world is hugely demanding, and I use to prepare myself for events or occasion at the last minute.

4. So, how do you solve this side of your life?

Thanks for my “Ounass”, it’s my safe place where I find all my styles. It is the Middle East’s first luxury e-commerce brand, featuring same-day delivery in 2 hours and exclusive items from all brands. Briefly, Ounass gives me wings on all levels.

5. What do you mean by Ounass gives you wings on all levels?

1st Ounass is the only place where I find all my styles, unlike other brands and shopping centres I used to be lost. Because of Ounass, I learned more and discovered my own style with time. I learned from Ounass to imagine what I can add to a photo in front of me and take my time to choose the outfit. Hence the brand is not important as much as the piece of clothes. Though I was lost in all shopping centres, with Ounass, I found my safe way. 2nd reason as an entrepreneur public figure working with Ounass to create content for my closet, they empowered me, they didn’t tell me to do this and that, instead they gave me the freedom to do and act the way I want to produce my content. Briefly, they give me wings to fly with my ideas.

6. Why only Ounass?

Why not Ounass? They give me everything! 

I have been a client of Ounass since their very beginning, so it can be considered that I chose them first. After that, Ounass approached me to work with them on a project to share my styles through content. We started with a small campaign in the beginning to drive exposure and sales to my closet at Ounass. My followers and society loved the way how I present them. During this year, I have received a lot of work proposals with other brands, and yet I didn’t accept to work with them. For the fact that Ounass represented me exactly, they reflect me, my style and my personality. Moreover, working with their team was so exciting.

7. What feature has mostly driven your attention to be a client at  Ounass?

Definitely the styles and the brands, but mostly they have 2-hour delivery, which is something so beneficial, especially for me as an entrepreneur. Actually, I don’t have time to prepare my clothes prior to an event. I am always busy till the last minute. So without losing time and being lost in a shopping centre, I prefer to choose from Ounass in my free time.

8. Will you promote another brand in the future if they offer you a better project than Ounass?

What I really care about is my credibility. I don’t promote just to promote. I do promote with trust fullness. That’s why I will always choose Ounass above all brands because I am one of their family. I feel like I am their ambassador.

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