The Suture Buddy – For The Most Realistic Suturing Experience

In the world today, learning suturing is a critical skill to have as a medical practitioner.

And just like everything else, learning suturing requires deliberate practice.

Ideally, this practice should be done on real human cadaver skin, for the most realistic experience.

But since this is not always possible, most medical practitioners have to settle for non-human cadaver “lookalikes”.

Currently, doctors, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians and anyone else in the medical field, learn to practice suturing on pig feet, chicken thighs and fruit.

And this use of animal and plant skin to mimic human skin has two separate problems:

Not only does this waste a lot of good food that could be put to better use, but it doesn’t provide a realistic enough experience.

Add on that the smells of dead, rotting meat and fruit lingering all over, it’s simply not the ideal way to practice work that would eventually be carried out on real human beings.

Enter: The Suture Buddy!

The Suture Buddy is a suture pad that, in more ways than one, mimics real human skin.

It was created by a resident who got tired of having to use pig feet and chicken for their practice!

And it is now currently being used in residency programs across the country, including top schools like Cornell and Rutgers, just to name a few.

The Suture Buddy suture pad allows for the most realistic suturing practice!

It can be reused hundreds of times, so it doesn’t need to be thrown out after each practice!

Say goodbye to throwing away used meat or fruit or having to deal with the smell.

The Suture Buddy is 3-D printed to mimic real human skin.

It has 3 layers that mimic human skin and tissue.

One of these layers is the Mesh Layer™ – an almost invisible green layer that helps mimic the turgor/”pull” of real skin. This means that the suture will not rip through the pad like it does with other pads.

It also comes with 9 pre-formed lacerations on the pad that will allow one to practice every single type of laceration repair there is.

These lacerations also make it easy for even the most novice of students to start learning right away!

It is divided into 3 zones, to allow one practice multiple suturing techniques at once!

Plus, the Suture Buddy is small enough to fit in a lab coat pocket, so that it can bring the same lab experience everywhere one goes.

And it comes with a secured attached base that keeps the edges of the suture pad from curling up in extreme heat.

Hence, the Suture Buddy is not just a simple block of silicone or rubber. It’s a whole, full realistic suturing experience.

It has everything one needs to master suturing techniques, all in one place!

The Suture Buddy is available worldwide and ships for FREE to everywhere in the US!

Visit the website at to get one, and enjoy realistic suturing practice today!

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