Take Advantage of the Hybrid Workplace with Uncomplicate Your Tech

Tomorrow virtual workplace is here today – the Cloud Desktop.

The new Hybrid Workplace – with employees working from anywhere on any device at any time– provides small and mid-sized businesses with advantages previously available to largeremployers.

Before March 2020, remote workers were a small part of the economy. The COVID pandemichas turned that on its head, with the majority of employees working from home and a smallnumber working from the traditional bricks and mortar office structure. Smart employersunderstand that they need to be nimble and able to respond to a remote workforce withimmediacy, security, and a rapid technology onboarding process. In many cases, this meansmoving their technology needs to a cloud-based solution.

While this sounds daunting, it offers small and midsize businesses a number of advantages.According to a study from “Computer Economics”, small businesses spend as much as 6.9% oftotal revenue on I.T. and that amount increased by 3% in 2020. This includes the cost of servers,backup systems, supporting infrastructure and personnel to manage the I.T. function. Thespend also includes those hard-to-budget pop-up problems, like the need for a new server ormore backup capacity.

What if those costs were replaced with an easy-to-budget, fixed, per-employee-per-month fee,with no hidden or pop-up expenses and the ability to onboard an employee with all of theirprograms and apps up and running in 30 minutes? The right cloud computing partner makes allof that happen . . . and more.

Cloud-based IT allows employers to expand their hiring footprint, enabling them to hire globallyversus only hiring within driving distance of a physical office. Whether the best talent is aroundthe corner or around the globe, they can help your company grow and succeed. Making theirtechnology needs easy is also a great incentive that helps employers retain employees.

One of the big considerations that employers need to consider in moving to a cloud-basedtechnology is security of their data. Finding a team that foresees, repels and mitigates attacksso data is always secure is paramount. It also gives the businesses clients peace of mind thattheir data and work product is secure.

Redundancy is another key component that keeps data safe. Employers with a single set ofconnected servers are more likely to feel the pain of irrecoverable data attacks. Cloud-basedcomputing with multiple backups and servers gives small and midsize businesses the peace ofmind and affordability that big companies have enjoyed for years.

An added bonus is productivity. Many employers are concerned that a hybrid workforce is lessproductive, but recent research by McKinsey and company shows that both remote individualsand remote teams are more productive. Unfortunately, it also reveals that most employers donot have a detailed plan in place to deal with these new realities. Learn more by downloading afree report on the Hybrid Workplace” at www.uncomplicateyourtech.com. It’s time to focus onyour business, not your I.T. and take advantage of the hybrid workplace.

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