Foundcoo Changes How Organizations Work by Helping Them Become More Adaptive, Meaningful and Human

The team helps entrepreneurs by offering insights, tips, advice and guidance on sales, marketing, branding, relationships and more using a modern, innovation-friendly and agile approach.

Foundcoo is a sales and marketing transformation partner composed of top-notch sales and marketing professionals to help businesses grow in their fields.

Created by founder Mauro Berno, Foundcoo is supported by expert teams that help clients discover a better way of working for the B2B industry, organizations and individuals by providing hybrid solutions consisting of coaching, consulting and learning.

“Visibility is coming through marketing and branding, but relevance is built on rewarding customer experience,” stated Mauro Berno, president and CEO.

Foundcoo has prepared the best solutions tailored for entrepreneurs and their teams: Revenue Operations (RevOps) program that connects operational processes across the revenue journey, MBS program that helps improve the sales cycle and enhance business results using innovative sales techniques and technology, Customer Experience (CX) optimization program and LinkedIn for Business.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) and Customer experience (CX), in particular, solve a massive problem in the current company setup. They break down the division between sales, marketing, customer success; change the business culture; and support customer-centricity.

Berno has released a new book, “Lead the Way: The Modern Approach to Growing Your Business in the Digital Age.” ( It is essential reading for anyone involved in marketing, sales or managing a sales force.

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About Foundcoo

Foundcoo helps reinvents business models, incorporating internally generated success with externally generated innovation.

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