Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency without Restrictions with the Help of the Best Free VPN for Binance

Due to security reasons, some regions block certain apps from public access; one of which is the world’s largest crypto exchange platform, Binance. This has been the go-to resolve of authorities to regulate everyone’s use of the internet. But some users, specifically those directly affected by the application ban, find this move uncalled for. In consequence, they come upon legal alternatives to overrule the restriction.

To those Binance traders looking to access the app from a restricted country, listen up. Here is one reliable tool that users swear by to bypass any geographical restrictions: a Virtual Private Network service or a VPN.

How to access Binance in restricted countries via free VPN

Here’s the only thing one needs to know about a VPN: basically, it is a software tool that masks a user’s IP address and spoofs their true location, allowing them to hide their personal data and whereabouts. This process is more commonly known as data encryption. Having a user’s information concealed then gives them a free and safe pass to Binance without alarming their local authority. In simple speak, a VPN bypasses all restrictions, making it easy to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.

Below is an easy-to-follow guide on how to use a VPN for Binance:

1. First and foremost, choose a VPN that suits one’s needs. With an extensive variety of VPNs in the market, it is of utmost importance to do one’s own research before jumping into any VPN service. Knowing the best and worst features of a VPN lessens the chances of choosing the wrong one. Once selected, download the app and install it.

2. Once installed, launch the app.

3. Go to the list of available servers and pick one. Since the unavailability of Binance in the US has been widely reported, it is safe to choose a server outside the US.

4. Connect to the server. Search for the VPN symbol on top of the phone screen, that indicates a successful connection.

5. Go to the Binance app or website and start trading. It’s that easy! In event of failed connection, don’t panic. Simply refresh the device and repeat the process from the top. In isolated cases, it will take about a minute for the VPN service to work, just wait and it’s good to go.

Choosing the right VPN

By downloading a free VPN such as GoingVPN, one can push through with the second step without a fuss. Those who don’t have the time to look into different VPN services can rest assured. Listed here are the best reasons why GoingVPN is the best Binance VPN.

With over a hundred server locations strategically distributed around the world, one can easily find a stable connection wherever they may be. It also offers a lightning-speed VPN service and unlimited data usage for uninterrupted trading and other transactions. Moreover, trackers and other cybercriminals will be blocked from the get-go thanks to GoingVPN’s top-notch military-grade security system. To get a detailed explanation, click here.

Buy, sell, and trade safely and without restrictions. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the GoingVPN app now.

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