Iranian Immigrant Arash Avin’s Music is a Testimony to Love of Freedom and Happiness

Iranian singer and dancer Arash Avin braves the odds to create music that has inspired millions of people around the globe. The talented artist has excelled despite a rough upbringing and his music still reflects the austere melodies and traditional tones of his ethnic background.

Arash Avin was born and raised in the city of Tehran, Iran. Tehran was filled with an abundance of growing musicians and performers before Iran was taken over by extremists who forbade the production and performance of most styles of music. But the forced silence did not quench Arash’s love for music, and once the ban was eased, he released his first post-revolution album, “Do Saye”, in collaboration with songwriter and composer Hamid Panahi. Federal regulations mandated the songs have a piece of soft-tempo and more melodic music rather than dance.

“After a while, Arash Avin released a second, more upbeat album, named “Safar”, collaborating with songwriter, composer, and arranger Behnam Abtahi. Although dance music was now legal, it was still forbidden to dance in public. Nevertheless, Safar soared high on the charts, where it became one of the top albums of the year”, says a spokesperson for Arash Avin.

Arash later moved to the US, where he was finally able to build his career in the vibrant Los Angeles music community. He subsequently became the lead male vocalist in one of LA’s top world music groups. As a singer, Arash has performed alongside artists such as Googoosh, Helen, Hamed Behdad, Babak Amini, Sogand, and Schubert Avakian. Arash is one of the selected few to go on stage and perform with Iranian pop diva Googoosh at her concerts.

Following an earthquake in Kermanshah, Arash released a moving song and video called “LaaLaaee” (Lullaby). He dedicated this song to the victims and survivors of the devastating earthquake.

In 2020, Arash Avin was selected to represent Iran for a musical project, “I’M STANDING WITH YOU”, an Oscar-nominated song written by the iconic songwriter Diane Warren. Arash became a part of a global collaboration featuring 170 musicians from all around the world in support of the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

Arash Avin is an Iranian singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, humanitarian, and painter. He received his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tehran University of Art. Arash is currently working on his future releases and teaming up with Persian music’s finest artists. He continues to sing and perform at many festivals, galas, and fundraising events such as Farhang Foundation, which is dedicated to celebrating and promoting Iranian art and culture.

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