Luxury Men’s Salons Are Making a Strong Comeback in a Post Lockdown Vaccinated World

Now that things are getting sort of back to normal, everyone is trying to get back to feeling like themselves.  One of the things everyone seemed to miss during the days of lockdown was that professional haircut. Hairstylists were among the hardest hit during the initial pandemic lockdowns. Restaurants at least had the option of offering takeout services, but hairstylists were just on hold. Salons closed their doors and waited.

Thankfully as the economy starts to perk up and the world begins to pave a new kind of normal thanks to vaccines, hairstylists are among those making a solid comeback. 

“It was one of the things everyone kept complaining about. It could be seen on TV almost every day; people started to look shaggier and unkempt. It became a running gag for late-night and comedians. For months there was a world with no professional haircuts, and it was surreal.” Said a spokesperson for the company.

People don’t always think about the effort men put into their looks, at least not compared to women. Still, some things really matter for keeping a man looking his best, and the primary part of that is a high-quality haircut. So, it’s not surprising that men are now paying more attention to where they go and the quality a salon offers.

“They aren’t looking for that quick, just chop it off and get on with it service from a stylist anymore. Instead, they are seeking an experience, something that makes them feel better about themselves and gives them a bit of a break from all the stress still going on in the world.”

The pandemic isn’t over. However, there are now ways to keep things open and running even while there are outbreaks of the delta-variant. As long as the salon and the clients are careful, it’s safe enough to get a haircut.

As society moves forward, men want in on a bit of the luxury service industry women have been enjoying for years. They are also becoming more daring with what types of services they get.

A classic haircut like a faded taper cut is a good choice for those seeking a clean and professional look. Then get that much-needed indulgence with a hot towel shave, which is not only good for the skin but also gives a closer shave and is relaxing and luxurious. There are modernized takes on styles like the pompadour that are trending right now for those wanting to be a bit braver. As the world slowly gets back to turning, taking the time to get a professional haircut in a lavish yet comfortable salon can be just the extra treat a person needs.

About Fade Artist Barber Salon

Fade Artist Barber Salon is a luxury spin on the traditional barbershop. They provide not just a haircut or trim but an experience. They offer professional stylists who are trained in a wide variety of styles to ensure that they are ready for any type of client. In addition, they can handle not just haircuts but also coloring, styling, and beard care in one convenient location.

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