VOC Awareness and Environmentally Friendly Detailing Products

Regulations are changing with the world as it moves in a more environmentally conscientious direction. Of course, everyone wants to do their part to improve the planet’s conditions, but it can be confusing where to start. One way to protect the earth is to look at what products companies use for chemicals when selecting a place to do business with. Auto detailing companies, for instance, tend to use a lot of products when doing a deep clean on a vehicle or refreshing protective coatings

One of the products that is dramatically changing is those protective coatings. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. As people as a whole try to preserve the quality of life for future generations, it means getting away from the older products with high VOC content and turning to new green alternatives. One of those alternatives is ILG coatings. 

ILG coatings are low VOC and zero VOC products that provide the same quality for the job they do without doing damage to the environment. One of the great things about these improvements is people no longer have to sacrifice protecting their vehicles just to be environmentally friendly.

Exterior detailing is designed to improve the overall appearance of a car or truck by refinishing things like the headlights with environmentally friendly products. For example, professionals can apply protective coatings to the overall vehicle to give it a glass-like finish. These coatings can also help the environment by making a vehicle’s paint job last. The protective layer can last up to four years and provide a shield from things like UV damage and scratches that can make a vehicle look dull and old.

“Protecting the environment is critical. The effects of the damage already done are apparent. The world is now facing mega-fires and historic storm seasons, flooding it’s just a no-brainer to do everything possible to protect the planet from the big picture down to what products are used when detailing a car. If everyone does the little things, it will make a huge difference.” Said a spokesperson.

Interior detailing can also be done with eco-friendly protection for things like leather, fabric, and even windows. By working with a company focused on providing green options for the same quality, a person can take care of their vehicle without worrying about how bad they are hurting the atmosphere.

“Cars can be detailed without having to sacrifice the environment. It’s all about choosing the right products and keeping an eye on what’s new and what works. Companies are constantly improving the products they offer, making them more conscious of the effects they have on the ecosystem.” A spokesperson added.

About Red Fox Car Detailing

Red Fox Car Detailing is an automotive detailing service company. They believe in protecting the environment while still providing high-quality services with the same level of product protection. They offer services including deep cleaning for vehicles of all sizes, commercial trucks, and luxury automotive care. In addition, they service both interior and exterior detailing for vehicles of all sorts.

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