Spray Foam Attic Insulation Returns a Better ROI than Fiberglass Insulation

More Canadians are discovering that insulating an attic keeps the temperature inside a home more steady and reduces drafts and loss of heat and air conditioning.  While many individuals are swayed by the cheaper pricing of fiberglass, the reality is that spray foam insulation because it is pliable, can be applied to even the tiniest crack or gap.  Fiberglass insulation does not reach all spaces within an attic and will need replacement more often.

Foam Insulation of Newmarket, Ontario serves both commercial and residential structures with the finest and most affordable spray foam attic insulation.  It is easy for property owners to overlook the insulation of their attics, and not be aware of the cost savings that will occur with a properly sealed attic. 

Attic insulation also prevents problems such as mold and mildew, which are a health hazard, as well as preventing leakage from ice dams which can seep into the walls and ceilings of a property.  Therefore the attic should be seen as an integral part of any property and the attention to insulation should be as dedicated as it is in the rest of any property. 

Not all spray foam insulation is the same, and open-cell versus closed-cell insulation is a consideration for property owners.  While both types can prevent even vapor from moisture from damaging property, closed-cell is especially a good barrier for those properties where noise is a problem as closed-cell provides the best protection from noise. 

The cost-savings over the long run are tremendous and spray foam insulation, with its ability to last decades, is being chosen more and more for these cost-savings in utility bills.  No matter how the property is heated, uninsulated attics get tremendously hot in the summer and cold as ice in the winter.  Drafts in an attic and escaping air cause problems in maintaining a stable temperature throughout an entire property. 

As one client exclaimed, ‘After I had my attic insulated by Foam Insulation of Newmarket, my heating and cooling bills dropped drastically and I was able to save money the first month  I was astounded by the savings and am happy I used Foam Insulation and had my attic properly insulated. I would recommend that anyone that has an attic have it insulated with spray foam and that they use Foam Insulation as the customer service and pricing was great!’

With winter now approaching quickly, it is a great time to attend to attic insulation.  Of course, restrictions because of the Pandemic still exist and Foam Insulation follows all updated regulations that are required when visiting a property.  This company will engage in consultation first so that each consumer is satisfied with the insulation but also feels safe and knows that this company cares about their health and wellbeing.

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Located in Newmarket, ON, this company prides itself on its attention to detail and customer service, as well as its affordable pricing.  All technicians are trained and certified. There is an online form, an email, and a phone for contact, as well as a presence on all social media to learn more about the company. An FAQ and blog provides tons of information to website visitors. Pandemic restrictions, with their fluctuations, are always followed accordingly. 

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