New research around the death of John F. Kennedy sheds light and offers new insight into what may have really happened

Author Robin Haines continues to excite audiences with Probable Cause Re-Thinking The JFK Plot, her insightful analysis of John F. Kennedy conspiracy theories in historical context. After years of painstaking research, Haines offers a new perspective based on compelling evidence never before introduced on the topic of the JFK assassination.

Probable Cause Re-Thinking The JFK Plot explores the various motivations that could have been at play behind the fatal shooting of President Kennedy. Haines posits that the assassination was more than just the work of a madman. In fact, it may have been an essential act of civil defense that misguided researchers later interpreted as a sinister political plot. After seeing many historians and conspiracy theorists distorting the information surrounding the death of JFK, Haines launched a decades-long search for the truth. 

Fans of true stories and analytical works like Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service by Carol D. Leon will appreciate the depth of Haines’s research. With simple language and a natural knack for weaving together seemingly unrelated details, Haines excels at presenting the case that the official record is far from accurate.

Readers with an interest in history, conspiracies, or even true crime are sure to enjoy the complexity and depth of Probable Cause Re-Thinking The JFK Plot. Haines hopes that her work will highlight the importance of integrity in public office and electing leaders who understand the scope of their responsibility to millions of innocent people. 

With new evidence and key ideas refined to reflect emerging research, Probable Cause Re-Thinking The JFK Plot is very much a living document. It is also the field’s first definitive challenge to conspiracy theorists’ agenda to politicize the assassination of JFK and stir anti-government sentiment among the American people.

Robin Haines is an author and research historian with a passion for uncovering the truth in many of the secretive events of the 1960s and 1970s. She believes that America deserves closure, especially for the assassination of JFK. Without knowing the past, Haines believes that the country is doomed to unwittingly repeat it. She lives and writes in Winchester, Virginia.

Probable Cause Re-Thinking The JFK Plot is available for purchase on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

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