Sling Baby Carrier assures best possible support and comfort for both baby and mom, also features innovative slip-on design

New advanced Sling Baby Carrier assures a safe and most comfortable experience for both baby and the parent.

Sydney, Australia – September 20, 2021 – A new baby sling carrier is all set to revolutionize the baby sling scene with uniquely ergonomic design. Sling Baby Carrier, as the product is called, is the only baby carrier in the contemporary market that’s intelligently designed to adjust to the infant’s spine as well as grow with the baby, thereby assuring the best possible support and comfort for both the baby and the mom. It’s also the first baby sling that comes with the innovative 5-second slip-on wear advantage to eliminate the hassles of traditional baby carrier wrapping slings.

Incorrect sling posture could result in long-term health issues for little ones.  The USP of Sling Baby Carrier lies in its correct ergonomic posture. The new advanced sling carrier is strategically designed to create the optimal hip position for the infant and support spine growth to help the babies feel secure and comfortable.

“Sling injuries are not uncommon and can even lead to serious issues like Hip Dysplasia for infants. One of the most common birth defects, the problem can pose serious threats to a baby’s long-term health. Improper positioning of the baby while being carried in a sling is a major cause of Hip Dysplasia. This is where our state-of-the-art Sling Baby Carrier comes to help”, stated the leading spokesperson from the Sling Baby Carrier team.

The Sling Baby Carrier complies with the necessary regulations as set by Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Baby Carriers. Also, it has received approval from Hip Dysplasia Institute as a safe carrier that will help to develop healthy hip joints for babies.

“What makes our baby sling unique and the most reliable is that it is ergonomically designed to ensure the ideal placement of the baby while you carry the munchkin in the sling carrier. Our sling will easily adjust to the baby’s spine, develop with the growing baby, and will help to prevent reflux as well. The next-gen sling eliminates risks of Hip Dysplasia and also reduces pain in back, shoulders, and waist of the user (read parent) by evenly distributing the baby’s weight across the upper body of the user. Put simply, Sling Baby Carrier assures optimum comfort for both the baby and the parent.”

The Sling Baby Carrier is made of a finely woven cool and breathable fabric to ensure a comfortable feel for the baby. Unlike other sling baby carriers, the new carrier is devoid of Velcro or buckles that might otherwise interrupt the sleep of the little one.  The fabric used is certified to be free of harmful substances like carcinogens and complies with KC Standard for children’s underwear.

The Sling Baby Carrier also stands out with its innovative no-wrap 5-second slip-on design and hence can be used by dads too. The product is compact, lightweight and is easy to carry around in different situations.

Top features of Sling Baby Carrier

  • Assures ergonomic placement for the baby
  • Ensures optimal hip position
  • Supports spine growth
  • Minimizes pain on pressure points
  • Comfortable for both baby and mom/dad
  • Easy 5-second slip-on design
  • Cool, breathable, and certified fabric
  • Supports 4 positions at different stages of growth
  • Comes with eco-pouch for storage

The Sling Baby Carrier is available in Black and Gray colors.

“Our Sling Baby Carrier also boasts a stylish cut that makes it a fashionable wear for every mom out there.

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