Celebrating 5 Years of Impacting Millions of Lives by School Portal NG

The need to help children with free quality education has always been a challenge in our world today. Millions of children are out of school, especially the African girls. High cost of living and inadequate funding to support these children in their studies have been the problems of acquiring education.


Children in Africa, especially children in Sub-Sahara Africa make up the highest number of out- of-school children in the world, and indications are that the number is on a constant rise.

As a result of these challenges and more, they built School Portal NG (https://schoolportalng.com) to provide free access to quality education and educational contents across the globe.

School Portal NG is the fastest online Learning System, Articles Publications, Jobs Vacancies Search, Past Questions and Answers Portal. It is a web-based learning platform for online lessons, courses, past questions, training programs, administrative works and job vacancies search for pupils, students, teachers and for everyone. Their portal covers a wide range of contents, such as Mathematics, Sciences, Arts, Commercial subjects, Management courses, Vocational courses, Languages, Entrepreneur Lessons, and subjects for both junior and senior classes. It also has national and international examination questions and answers in form of Computer-Based Test (CBT). All these are free to use by anyone at no cost.

In 2017, they started working on how to reduce the number of illiterates, how to reduce the negative effects of the students and pupils out of school, how to provide educational resources to the students and teachers and how to provide quality educational contents for teachers in both rural and urban areas. They brainstormed on a few means to help the education sector and also to provide free online learning platform for pupils, students and teachers.

Initially, School Portal NG started with provision of free online learning portal to students and pupils in Nigeria as they were few online learning platforms which charged students and parents subscription fees to access their leaning platforms.

One big question has always been “what happens to the children whose parents can’t afford to pay for online lessons, buy textbooks or pay school fees, don’t they deserve quality education? The answer is, they do.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/vVD2pMiKt-o

During the start of the pandemic, they rebuilt their e-learning portal to accommodate more students, pupils and teachers in other countries. Today, School Portal NG (https://schoolportalng.com) covers 185 countries and 2068 cities across the world and they are impacting knowledge into the lives of these young kids that have great future ahead of them. All that was needed to get started was one man, one computer, one pen, one book and one phone and today they are celebrating 5 solid years of making millions of students more knowledgeable, finding answers to their homework, solving educational challenges and providing a platform where pupils, students and teachers can practice on a wide range of past questions with answers.

They are open to accept financial donations as they have a lot to do. They plan to make School Portal NG more powerful, more resourceful, and bigger to accommodate more pupils, students and teachers.

Their special appreciation goes to their pupils, students, teachers and contributors for their support.

Thank you so much!

Samuel Okeke
Founder of School Portal NG
Website: https://schoolportalng.com

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